Illinois Lawmakers pass several new gun safety measures                                                                       

Gun Law Visual

         By Carlos Tito ’18

After several advocates made their voices heard regarding gun control, Illinois lawmakers approved several new guns safety measures on Wednesday.

The riots started outside of the capital after a group called “Moms demand action” railed and made their presence known. One of the moms, Lauren Quinn, said, “We come together to say enough! We demand more than thoughts and prayers from our lawmakers!” Eventually, the voices were heard and lawmakers debated on the house towards a ban on bump sticks, which failed last year. Republican David Harris said, “Whatever the device might be called, if it makes a semi-automatic pistol shot with an automatic weapon, it should be banned.” For those who do not know what “Bump Sticks” is, it is a recoil that is attached to a gun that makes the rate of fire more significant. Also, it reduces the kick of the gun, boosting the accuracy and precision of the shooter.  

Eventually, the bill was passed alongside with a bill to raise the age to purchase a gun. When asked Senior Sebastian Ortega about how he feels towards the new laws, he responded by saying, “I believe that these laws are fair because now guns will not fall in hands of persons who should not have a gun.” Alongside, these new laws are other laws that are being put in place and are being considered as well. These new bills that are being placed serve a purpose to help diminish the gun violence that has sparked throughout Illinois.


Laws that are being considered?

  • Gun dealers must have a be licensed
  • Health background check
  • Age to buy guns
  • State transportation of guns

Although these seem reasonable steps in stopping gun violence, many people think that gun laws are not the answer. Senior Yara Castaneda said, “Adding more gun laws might not be the answer. I believe that making sure each school has an officer will be a more tangible answer to stopping gun violence.” European History and IB teacher Scott Dick also had similar thoughts to the situation and stated, “Laws will not help. In order for change, attitude needs to change.” Scott also mentioned the difference between owning guns and self-rights. He also mentioned how liberalism can be a gap between guns laws; how gun owners will insist on owning firearms, while other civilians will insist on their rights and protection.

Some of the most noticeable crimes come from the windy city of Chicago. According to CBS Chicago, Chicago saw 650 murders due to gun violence in 2017, compared to 771 the previous year.  Furthermore, there were 2785 shootings incidents in 2017, compared to 3550 the previous year. Although gun violence seems to be taking a dip, works need to be done in order to ensure safety for each individual in the state of Illinois.

Nevertheless, many new laws will continue to take place in efforts to stop gun violence. However, the governor did indicate that he will take more cautious measures in order to secure the safety of each school and individuals in each school. Overall, in order to diminish gun violence, it will take little steps in making laws or suggestions that can help stop gun violence in Illinois and other parts of the world.