Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center: A sorrowful reminder of the past

Newspapers that were updating the public about WW2 PC: Ashley Medina

By Ashley Medina ’20

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is a museum dedicated to remember the grim effects of the holocaust and to prevent another one from ever happening again. The Holocaust Museum has gentle staff, meaningful exhibits, and a unique atmosphere. 

As soon as we opened the door to the Holocaust Museum, we were greeted with a warm smile from the security guard. Once we were inside, we needed to pass through the metal detector. The staff members were extremely kind as they directed us through the metal detector.

 As soon as my friends and I went past the metal detector, we were greeted by another staff member that directed us towards the front desk. The person at the front desk was fast to offer us assistance with finding each exhibit. 

My friends and I went straight to Take a Stand Center exhibition. In this exhibit, we were able to see a Holocaust survivor give his or her personal experience. This exhibition gave us the ability to interact with a woman who had survived the Holocaust. This interaction was transmitted thanks to a 3-D hologram. Through this exhibition, we were allowed to get a more personal and direct experience of the holocaust. I was truly moved to see how strong the survivors were. 

The exhibits were not the only meaningful thing at the museum. The atmosphere as a whole was also very meaningful. It was very quiet throughout the whole museum. I think that this helped display the emotions that this museum evokes. The quiet atmosphere helped exemplify how visitors were taking in all of the information that the exhibits have on display. The quiet atmosphere also showed that people were being respectful about the information that they were provided.

The lighting at the museum also added to the unique atmosphere. The dim lights helped illustrate both the sadness and darkness that the Holocaust caused. The use of dim lights all throughout the museum, helped me visualize the dark empty hole that the Holocaust continues to have on the lives of individuals. The dim lights also helped display how the tragic effects of the holocaust continue to live in the hearts of many. 

An unsatisfied guest mentioned, “I love museums and this one holds a special interest for me.  But whenever I go the staff is so rude and short with me if I have a question about anything.” I would totally disagree with this guest because I felt as if the staff was incredibly helpful until the second that we left the museum. The holocaust museum is very educational and many students such as ourselves would totally benefit from it.