ICE raids increase and the people panic


By Lizbeth Marquez ’17

With the start of Trump’s presidency, reports of raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, increased through the month of February. ICE raids have been going on not only in Chicago but around other cities as well. Some of the places that have been affected include states with high Hispanic population, including California, Arizona, New York, Michigan, Mississippi, Virginia, and Connecticut

ICE raids are massive round-ups that can happen in churches, stores, and even places where undocumented people work. For the most part, immigrants with a criminal record are directly being targeted, but not those without criminal records.

There have been recent cases in which people have seen the ICE raids. Aracely Martinez, a resident of Humboldt Park, stated, “When I was getting home, I got a call from a friend that she had seen an ICE raid occur on Diversey and Cicero.” Martinez added that every time she leaves her house now, she’s afraid that something bad might happen with the chaos going on about ICE raids.

Estrella Mendoza, a senior, explained, “Immigrants make America; they contribute to the economy.” With the recent news that there have been more raids recently than in the past years, Mendoza stated that immigrants come to America for a reason; therefore, it is heartbreaking for her to see immigrants sent back to the county they come from.

Alexandra Garcia, a junior, thinks that this past election has influenced the massive deportations, but Garcia believes that undocumented workers shouldn’t suffer for this since some of her family is undocumented. She also added that she missed school for “A day without immigrants” (see article on page 1) because she wanted to show her support toward immigrants by marching downtown. Garcia also mention that she is proud that people have been creating marches and other events to show the pride of being immigrants.

An anonymous parent explained that she is unhappy with what has been going with the ICE raids. What most concerns her is knowing that her husband is working in construction and that any moment, there can be an ICE raid where he’s at.

National Public Radio  (NPR), among other sources, reported the case of a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient, Daniel Ramirez Medina who was arrested by ICE at his house. This case was very surprising for some people because one would expect not to be bother at home, especially not those with DACA

Luis Marquez, a sophomore, was disappointed at how this society has become more and more racist. Marquez said that these deportations are all the result of the new president’s words, which mention that he is going to deport a lot of people.

Editor’s note: Many of the initial rumors about ICE raids taking place in Chicago turned out to be untrue. While it is important for students and families  to stay up-to-date on immigration issues, please  note that Noble, like CPS, has formally announced that ICE officers will never be granted entrance to a Noble school without a warrant.