‘Ice Queens’: Girls’ Rugby falls to ITW

Rugby team preparing for their game.

By Alexander Correa ’18

“Ice Queens,” a term affectionately given to the GIrls’ Rugby team by the Rugby coach, Liam Lawson’s, father.  Melissa Garcia, a player on the rugby team stated that “Grandpa Lawson” had dubbed the Rugby team as “Ice Queens” as they show no emotion on the field. This translated to the field as the rugby team showed no emotion before they  fell to ITW in a 33-7 game on Oct. 25 at ITW’s field.

    In a game where Pritzker had a fast start, momentum gradually starting down as players on ITW began to step up their game. Pritzker had a strong showing within the first couple of minutes but eventually fell short of maintaining a strong defensive presence.

    In a game where Pritzker scored the first try and kick to start off to an early seven to zero lead, ITW came back to score five consecutive tries.

    On a big run, a Pritzker rugby player bust into the open field and was about to score a game tying run to make the score 12-12 but a defender from ITW got a big hit that made both players fly in the air. This big hit got a reaction from the crowd, such as Andre Arguillo, a junior, yelled, “Oh my God!”

    Although the Pritzker rugby team fell short of the semi finals win, the season was still one to be memorable.


Memories of the Season

According to Margarita Maldonado, a senior on the rugby team, “Rugby is a game that brings people closer without them even noticing. Every practice we all would bleed, sweat, and push each other. Rugby brings out something inside you don’t even know about making it easy to build bonds with others while they explore the new interest.” She elaborated by saying the team became so successful as they had built a connection from the sisterhood they have always had.

    Recollecting her thoughts of what is the most important aspect of the game, Maldonado also stated, “In my opinion the most important part of the game is to have fun, tackle low, ruck hard, and to run straight.”

    Nesly Rodriguez, a sophomore on the team, also elaborated on the strong connection Pritzker has in their athletics. “We became a family, we left it all on the field every single day, and like football, we had each other’s back. We wanted to win everyday we went out on the field,” Rodriguez exclaimed.

A Ceremony for the Seniors

    The Ice Queens season is over but they have the memories that will last them a lifetime. The day ended with a speech and ceremony where seniors were given roses and a group photo of the team was taken.