IB juniors struggling with their leadership project

Junior IB students, Aliyah Sosa, Valeria Uzcategui, Gisselle Vargas, Lizette Tellez, and Pricilla Segura, were discussing about their leadership project while working.

By Stephanie Solis ’20

What is a leadership project, you might be wondering? A leadership project is a Creative Activity Service, CAS, the strand that IB juniors have to fill. In order to fill this CAS strand, they need to complete 25 hours of community service by June. Students need to show guidance in and outside their classroom. Some students had already started planning their leadership project while others might leave it last minute.

One thing the following students disagree with is completing 25 hours of community service in order to show that strength.

Cristian Ortiz, an IB junior, expressed that he is leading a club where students are learning German every Thursday along with other IB junior students. He really wants students to learn German in order to bring different languages to the school. He said that they are unsure of what will happen. “In the beginning, it was really hard whether students will participate in my activity or not. Also, I didn’t know if teachers will agree to it.

Ortiz also mentioned, “I want to get over my hours because I know most students are going to leave them last minute. It was not easy to come up with a topic, in the beginning.”

Additionally, Pricilla Segura, an IB junior, mentioned that some struggles she had were coming up with a topic. Segura said that she also struggled with debating whether or not it might get approved.

Segura said that she has something coming soon, which she cannot mention because she needs to get it approved. But she said that she is really looking forward to many people participating in her activity.

Along with Segura, Aliyah Sosa, an IB junior, who is partners with Segura in this leadership project, expressed that she struggled with who to work with and what topic to choose.

Sosa said, “Although it might be hard to get people involved in our activity, I think we can try to get our school involved in something they like.”

Sosa was not sure if students like certain topics or not. She said that she hopes students like what she and Segura are planning.

Sosa expressed, “On the other hand, I think it is a really good idea to show our different personalities in and outside of the classroom as well as outside the school.”

Students are looking forward to completing their leadership project. There are other IB students that have also started their leadership projects and others that are still debating with who to work with. Other students do not even have a topic in mind and might leave it to the last minute. Now, we have seen the students’ struggles, how would the upcoming IB students manage to get over this project?