IB Juniors’ reactions to schedule change

IB Juniors’ reactions to schedule change

By Carina Lopez ’20

Semester 2 brought a change to the IB Juniors in the form of a schedule change. Two more classes were added on to their schedule: IB Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS) and IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK). ITGS is taught by Samantha Corvino, Biology, IB ITGS Teacher and IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and TOK is taught by Scott Dick, Senior European History Teacher & IB TOK and History Teacher.

This means that the IB juniors are officially taking seven classes in total, which means there will be more adage onto the workload. Aside from that, what exactly are ITGS and TOK about, you may be asking? Well, here is a little description for you: ITGS, according to the IB Diploma Programme, is the “study and evaluation of the impacts of information technology (IT) on individuals and society[,][and] explores the advantages and disadvantages of the access and use of digitized information.” TOK, according to the IB Diploma Programme, is about students “reflect[ing] on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know.”

These classes seem pretty great, but how exactly are the IB Juniors feeling upon the adage of more homework and classes?

Well, Kayla Cruz, an IB junior, expressed, “They are both very interesting. I like TOK, especially, because I like expanding my ideas. I, however, do have trouble balancing the work, as we have more homework, and we also on top have more tests at the end of senior year.”

The juniors have officially been a part of these classes for more than a couple of weeks, so they have gotten a pretty good feel to as what the workload will be like as well as dealing with the stress.

Christopher Ticas, an IB junior, explained, “Well, it’s been difficult getting used to the new schedule. I have to hold more materials in my locker and that’s just another challenge I have to deal with.” Ticas added, “The classes are interesting like I’m engaged in each of them because 1) I like to learn about technology or smart technology on my own and 2) I often like to think about how other people think.”

Frida Arroyo, an IB junior, stated, “I am enjoying both classes so far, and I am getting used to having more homework. But I actually started doing my homework in advance for all of my classes so that I don’t have a workload. Also, I think the two classes disrupted my routine, so it was harder to get used to this new schedule, in the beginning.”

As said, the Juniors now have classes every other day except for ITGS. ITGS is the only class that they have every day. A question non IB students may have is why is ITGS the only class that IB juniors have every day. Well, this is because it is sort of like a filler class.

Overall, it is still pretty early to decide how well the juniors are accustomed to their classes and to the more classes as well as the more workload. However, it does seem as if they are getting by really well so far.