I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really going to miss… -Class of 2020

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really going to miss… -Class of 2020

“Passing through the hallways after every period just to stare at my beauty in the mirror, until I had less than 10 seconds before the bell rang.” – Elizabeth Godoy

“The crowded hallways, demerits, and the lectures from Mr. Das on how drugs are bad for us.” – Stephanie Resendiz

“Mr. Wetmore’s funny awkward dances.” – Marco Roman

“Me and my friends laughing like hyenas in the hallways.” – Alexa Martinez

“Dodging and moving quickly across the cramped hallways.” – Joe Reyna

“Giving Mr. Sosa carrots and fruits during lunch every day.” – Noel Candelaria

“Mr. Ginocchio’s sarcasm and bad jokes.” – Leslie Little

“Looking at, Valeria Valdez, in choir and just laughing for no reason.” – Denise Jimenez

“My Senior Advisor Gunny, giving us advice and just helping us be our best.” – Iker Gomez

“All the friends I made at Pritzker. I am grateful for all of the memories I have shared and witnessed. So I thank you all for that.” – Arianna Valentin

“Mr. Sosa.” – Lizbeth Martinez

“Ms. Curtin wishing us all a happy and safe weekend every Friday.” –  Ashley Medina

“My friends at Track and Cross Country. Also, Ms. Robinson being so patient and funny all the time.” – Jonathan Orihuela

“Having classes with the people I got close to over the years. Only because I thought I was going to experience everything alone.” Michelle Cruz

“Ms. Curtin yelling ‘Happy Tuesday!’” – Al Green

“Going to Honors Band rehearsals, my advisor getting mad because my advisory brothers would never listen to him, and waking up early in the morning to get ready for school.” – Efren Meza

“All the times Ms. Curtin would say ‘Be safe, make good choices’ every time we would have class before the weekend.” – Yareli Garcia

“Mr. Wetmore because of all the little arguments we had during gym class and all the great moments throughout the year. He was always a teacher I could joke around with and a true friend to me.” – Jahson Galvan

“Waking up and putting on my uniform.” – Crystal Barrera 

“Sharing a locker with and next to my best friends. It was a fun, unorganized mess rushing to our first class in the mornings trying not to be late.” – Crystal Mastache

“Walking inside of Pritzker as a student.” – Allen Trinidad

“Going to advisory at the end of the day.” – Yesenia Martinez

“Mr. Wetmore giving me boy advice, always helping me through my problems, and always pushing me beyond my limits even out of gym.” – Jazmin Tello

“Running down the hallway to class because Maria and I spent too much time standing by our lockers starting a fake argument with Humberto.” – Emily Pereznegron

“My loud screaming advisory every day after fifth period. Ms. Fifolt getting mad at us for not being quiet. And most importantly the packed hallways we had to walk through.” – Dafne Justo

“The crowded hallways and people stepping on my shoes.” – Jennifer Aguilar

“Going to Global Glimpse meetings on Fridays.” – Alejandro Licea

“My advisory sisters being goofy and having a lot of laughs/fun. Ms. Cross telling us butts in chairs, my main best friend Makyla. The whole goofy and funny good memories at school and outside school and most of all I am going to miss all the teachers and students at school.” – Eulalia Silverio

“Our fun big groups.” – Diana Rea

“The fun Tetris competitions my group held during our TOK class.” – Kayla Cruz