Humans of Pritzker

A post on Humans of New York on its Instagram Photo Credit: Lesley Solis

By Lesley Solis ’18

Humans of Pritzker is a club created because of the creativity of Humans of New York. Humans of New York is a page that was started to show that everyone has a life and should be given the liberty to explain their feelings.

Humans of Pritzker is a club for students who would like to spread positivity and speak about their life story. Alyssa Fatigato is the sponsor of this program that began in January.

Fatigato states, “Humans of a New York is this photo blog that started with this guy who wanted a glimpse of the lives of strangers of New York. He set up this blog with interviews, and the point of this was to show how everyone has a point, story, struggle, and connect [to] everyone as humans.”

Why was Humans of Pritzker created?

Fatigato stated, “I remembered how when I was in High School and how one would like to express and be really focused on their own problems and their school work, and it’s a good reminder that everyone is experiencing something.”

“My desire to start the club was just knowing that positivity and deeper understanding goes a long way,” Fatigato stated.

How do students feel about Humans of Pritzker?

Aidan Molina, a freshman,

stated, I feel like this club should be spread around the community not only at Pritzker. I say this is great because it really helps people to continue to be happy and not sad.”

Angel Franco, a senior, stated, “I believe there are pros and cons to this club because there is always use to put a smile on somebody’s face. A con that can associate with this club is that Snowball already does that, but it would never hurt to bring some more positivity vibes throughout the Pritzker community.”

Sadee Stelzik, a junior, stated, “I think this club would be great because I feel like it can give the students a more positive mindset towards the environment of the school and create a better environment in general.”

Destiny Jimenez, a senior, stated, “I believe that it is a good environment to be around. Everyone deserves to have positivity in their lives.”

Humans of Pritzker would be a great use for students to enjoy talking about their problems, not only to a class of students, but to a teacher who will care about what is going on in their daily life.

Fatigato will be starting an instagram page for Humans of Pritzker like Humans of New York did. On the page, there will be photos of students with the consent of them with a brief summary of the question they were asked. Students will be able to show their story and struggle. Fatigato wants many of the Pritzker students to join the club to bring positivity around the environment.