How’s it glowing?

Natural looking skin. Photo credit from

By Michelle Cruz ’20

Having that ‘glowy skin’ was the trend of summer 2018. It was all that was talked about! Showing the natural, ‘ naked’ skin was a look many people were trying to achieve.

Having the healthy looking skin takes time and effort, and getting the effortless look might mean having to focus more on one’s skincare routine.

One tip to note on making your skin look bright and healthy can be doing facials or at least having a ‘spa day’. Putting on a face mask that is meant to make the skin look healthy can be an additional step to achieving that ‘luminous’ look. Having a good moisturizer that is meant for one’s skin type is also very important.

Stephany Resendiz, a junior, said skin is important because it can help boost your self-esteem. Similarly, Gissele Pacheco, a junior, had said, “I do think skincare is really important especially as we’re getting older because our skin starts becoming more sensitive.”

Pacheco had also added to drink lots of water because it is the key to having clear skin, “Also avoid eating lots of junk food like chips.”

It is important to note that not any mask will help with making the skin look healthy. For example, if someone were to have oily skin, it would not make sense for that person to use a product, in this case, a mask, that is meant for dry skin. This will only make the skin more oily rather than ‘glowy’. The same concept works with someone who has dry skin.  

Once the skin is all prepped for having the ‘glowy’ look, the next step would be to apply makeup.

Yuki Hayashi who is a makeup artist had said, add a touch of bronzer to your skin for a fresh, sun-kissed feel.”

Another tip, or a final step for some people, is to add a luminizing powder, gel, or liquid, to the highest points of your face. Adding any type of luminescent product to the highest points of your face will help with the glowy look.

However, for some people, applying the makeup can either be a fun additional step, or an essential step of completing the glowy look. There is no rule on having to wear makeup just to get the ‘natural’ look. If anything, wearing makeup to achieve the ‘natural’ look seems to defeat the purpose of keeping the skin looking glowy on its own. Like how Resendiz had said, “Makeup can turn into a habit that is mandatory to wear in order to be beautiful.”

It is the person’s preference on what product to use or what to do on achieving the glowy look.

Either way, no matter how glowy one wants to look, there is no judgment. After all, having the natural, glowy, luminescent, ‘baby skin’ look was the trend of summer 2018!