Are you waiting for the President?

Are you waiting for the President?

By Emily Trujillo ’22

Students from Pritzker College Prep were intently watching the presidential election from home since Tuesday, Nov. 3, for the call of the 46th president of the United States of America.

The presidential election took place on Nov. 3 even while votes were being counted across the nation. The presidential candidates, Donald J. Trump and Joseph Biden, were winning over states left and right. Students started watching the election that night and were following it until the decision was made. 

Junior Ariana Gomez expressed, “It was a very stressful time… all I could do was wait.” Ariana experienced “anxiety” because she could not do anything to ease the tension.

Evelyn Gutierrez, a junior, also found herself experiencing anxiety and stress.

Students did not have class the day of election night, but did have scheduled class for the next day. According to Marina Frayre, a junior, she found herself “paying more attention to the election than class.” This was the case amongst other students. Gomez found herself checking her phone more often than she did regularly. 

Despite students still attending school, the election continued. Votes were being counted by the minute in every state. News outlets and online resources were being reloaded every minute given. 

Social media was a big part of students’ access to live news, where they could check what was going on at any time. Not only did news spread on social media, but political opinions did as well. Gomez said, “I didn’t want to cause any troubles sharing any of my political views on certain topics.” 

Similarly Gutierrez said, “I felt like it was not my place to speak more about the election because I am still learning how the whole thing works and I just didn’t want to post something just because other people were posting it.”

Frayre mentioned, “I was not posting or doing anything different on social media because everyone was already doing it.”

The presidential race was called on Saturday, Nov. 7, midday. People across the nation took a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air, Gomez said. 

Donald J. Trump’s presidential term ends at noon on Jan. 20. After, Joseph Biden’s term will begin as the 46th president of the United States of America. 

Despite the run for President being over, students and teachers are still in touch with any new updates. 

Frayre said, “I want to follow what Trump will do because I want to see what crazy ideas he comes up with.” There are suspicions of what Trump will do next after his loss.

Gomez mentioned the idea that Trump will try and hurt the economy to make Biden look bad. 

The long wait is over and the new president will begin his term after January 20th after the students following it attentively.

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