How well do you know Mr. Stroud?

How well do you know Mr. Stroud?

    By Jonathan Rosales ’19

A new teacher has decided to join the Pritzker family for this school year. The new teacher’s name is  Torey Stroud.

Stroud teaches U.S history for 11th graders. Stroud was asked why he decided to work at Pritzker College Prep and he said, “Well, me and my wife have always wanted to live in Chicago and as far as teaching goes it is one of the best teaching jobs in the city so it was a no-brainer for me to want to get a job here.”  Stroud has a passion for teaching and has been wanting to move to Chicago for a while now and when he had the chance to work here in Chicago he took the opportunity.

Stroud likes the school so far and he said that the school has good reasons for being the way it is. He also said that he wants his students to succeed. Stroud described how he feels about Pritzker. He said, “ I love it, it’s awesome, there’s a lot of new things to learn, and it is a lot of work, but I feel like it is meaningful work, so I am enjoying myself.” Then he described how he felt about Pritzker’s rules after he was asked  about them and he stated, “I like the rules, there are some that seem to be up to interpretation, but once you understand that every rule is designed to make students succeed, they’re easier to follow.”

Also, he was asked about his goals by the end of the school year, and Stroud said, “I definitely want my junior’s in my U.S history  classes to reach our goal in the ACT. Our goal is to gain 3 points on the reading section of the ACT. Other than that I want my students to be critical of the world around them and learn to be world changers in a good way. I want them to go out and positively impact the world.”  Stroud wants his students to succeed in his class and change the world.

Stroud has an interesting and active life. Stroud  was asked what he did in his free time, and he said, “I love to listen to music. I play board games. I love to read books and play and watch sports.” He has many things to do during his free time when he’s not busy because of school or anything else.

Stroud has many things you might have not known about him even things that he is interested in. He is a nice teacher who loves to teach, wants his students to succeed, and have fun in his life. He likes Pritzker’s system, such as the rules. He is living his dream as his job is what he enjoys the most. So, how well do you know the new U.S history teacher, Stroud?