How the Rugby team feels about a late start to the Rugby season

By Esteban Bautista ’22

The weather is starting to get warmer, which brings a new season for sports. This season’s sport is Rugby. 

Many other Noble schools have started official practice for rugby in these past 2 months. Unfortunately for Pritzker, official practices have just started, which gives them a disadvantage against other schools.

The Pritzker rugby team only has nine practices until their first game at the end of March. There are many new sophomores and freshmen that have joined the team this year.

Victor Carbajal, a freshman, exclaimed that he is very hopeful that the team can work really hard in the short amount of time that the team has. This year is Carbajal’s first year playing rugby, and he is really excited to play this season. 

The team knows that they are having a late start, but they are not going to let that discourage them. Since there are many new players on the team, some of the new players are feeling nervous that their first game is in less than a month. For example, Francisco Zavala, a freshman on the rugby team, stated,  “I’m kind of nervous because I feel like we didn’t have enough practice yet.” To a certain extent, the team should feel a little nervous like Zavala.

As long as the team puts in the hard work in their practices, they will be able to compete with the other Noble schools.

As the years go by, many seniors are leaving the team. “I’m sad that this is going to be my last year playing for Pritzker but I am also very happy to see these new freshmen and sophomores grow throughout the year,” said Humberto Romo, a senior. Romo also expressed that in the first practice there were the most people that showed up in past years and he hopes to keep it that way. 

“In my freshman year, I was really confused about how to play but after a couple of practices, I saw everyone already knew how to play so we were ready for our first game. I’ve been watching the new freshman and sophomores at practice and I really see the team winning the championship this year,” stated Angel Bazares, a junior. Overall, the team knows they have a late start to the season but they all have hope and will strive to get the Noble  Rugby Championship this year.

“I don’t care if the other schools had more practices than us as long as we always give 110% at practice and on the field, we will win the championship this year,” expressed Coach Anthony Johnson.