How is The Cheer Team Effected with the New Coach?

Cheerleaders supporting their pride for their basketball team.

By George Arroyo ’19

The Pritzker Cheerleading team has had two coaches for a long time; Sarah Cross, P.E. teacher  and Alison Palardy, freshman literature teacher. This year. 2018-2019 has a new coach, Kaedi Young.

Would this affect how the Pritzker team performs in the next Championship this year?

Many of the cheerleaders have had many of the same opinions on how Young interacts,  preforms, and leads the cheerleading team this year.

This is because the cheerleading team has won the Noble Championship five times in a row.  Losing the sixth one could probably break Pritzker’s luck.

Victor Dejesus, a senior, has been a part of the cheerleading team since freshman year. He is very passionate about being in the sport. Dejesus gives his humble opinion in Young’s coaching and leading this year as a whole.

Dejesus sees Young as a worthy coach and says is fun to have and teach the team. He says that the mood that is set off with her has a positive impact on the team. Everyone performs better and everyone is interacting with each other more.

In Addition to the mood that   Young sets off, the kindness of her brings everyone into joy. Dejesus says that Young helps motivate and to make cheerleading fun which helps the team be focused and prepared in their matches and performances.

Being on of the most popular sports and hard working, the cheerleading team were worried for having a new coach, but they came to the conclusion that they should not judge someone before getting to know them.

Dejesus gives his perspective and thoughts of how he was affected by this change, “I have not been effected by this new change. I only have a closer relationship with my coach and realized I should never judge a book by its cover because none of us were expecting Ms. Young to be so hard working as a coach”.

Overall, Dejesus says that Young had a great introduction and strong relationship with the team, “I think the new cheerleading coach is an amazing addition to the team. I will admit I was nervous that getting a new coach would change up the team dramatically, but Young grew a relationship with everyone on the team an only wants to see us happy with another win , and I really appreciate all the hard work she has been putting this year”.  

Having a new coach might of been nursing and stressful, but in the eyes of Dejesus, Young turned out to be a worthy and great addition to the cheerleading team.