How does P.E affect your life?

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Jessica Rivera ‘17

First semester of my freshman year was not easy as I expected it to be. I was constantly falling and I was known as “the clumsy one” for a while. I was mortified at the fact that people never really gave me a chance to see that I can evolve.  It wasn’t fun knowing I could not participate like the other students because I wasn’t fit enough. During our warm up, the class was in the middle of doing carioca my ankle  gave up. People looked at me and laughed and I could not be any more humiliated. Ever since I was little I always had leg problems. My ankle was sprained and I was stuck on crutches for two weeks. I felt like a failure. I failed my first semester of gym. I cried feeling that I did not fit in. Physical education teaches you to believe that you can achieve anything that all you have to do is try and if you give up you won’t change. Working out is not the only thing that is going to help you be more active, but it is also the way you control your eating habits by helping you achieve a path to good health. According to CDC, “Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence improves strength and endurance, helps build healthy bones and muscles, helps control weight, reduces anxiety and stress, increases self-esteem, and may improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.” Physical Education helps you by preventing you from receiving any diseases, but the only way to make that happen is by staying fit. That’s when I realized it’s time to make a change and ask for help. At the end of my freshman year, It was the first time ever that an award was made for most improved in Physical Education also known as the “Rocky award” and I happened to receive it. For the past 2 years, I became involved in Fit clubs and other fit activities and could not be any more proud of how much I have changed.

Many students just don’t like to workout because it may seem to hard, but if you never try how will you know. Obesity has become a serious issue in today’s society, which is why schools recommend P.E because they want to avert obesity to increase.  Like one of my old teachers said “Never say I can’t” because if you do then you are setting yourself up that you will never achieve.