How Do Freshmen Feel About Becoming Sophomores?

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Alexandra Garcia ’18

As of today, March 1, there are about three months and three weeks until current freshmen become sophomores. All freshmen have mixed feelings, whether to feel excited about moving on to the next grade level or become even more nervous because there is more hard work coming their way. For example, as sophomore year draws near, freshmen are going to take new classe. One new class that freshmen will be taking is World History, which is lead by two teachers: Charles Rosentel and Bryan Williams. Freshmen would be taking their first history class and I hope they get to enjoy it. Now, let’s take a look at how some freshmen are feeling before they move into their second chapter of  high school.

According to freshman Ariel Dominguez, she explains that knowing that she is about to become a sophomore in a few months makes her worried  because she heard that each grade level only gets harder. But when asked what she will do differently she says, “I will try not to procrastinate as much, and not miss a good amount of days because it only lowers my grade significantly.” Attendance is important because you need to be prepared from the day before. Another freshman that does not exactly know how to feel is Edgar Corrales. Corrales has dealt with a lot of LaSalle’s and demerits. Something that he plans to improve his sophomore year is the amount of LaSalle’s and demerits he gets. In order to do this, he is also going to stop procrastinating. It might be hard for students to overcome something like this, but once they see the impact, they start becoming successful at Pritzker.

As a Pritzker student, there are a lot of resources for students to use. Alonso Flores, a current sophomore gives an advice to freshmen, “I would tell them to follow a plan or schedule if they want to do something outside of school because you need to be focused in order to accomplish your goals and lastly, get as much sleep you can.” Flores, whom is almost done with his sophomore year, wants the freshmen to be content with who they are and there should not be anything to stop them from doing what they want.

Freshmen are just reaching the best part of their education: college. All the effort they are putting in now is the outcome they are going to be proud of in their future. Class of 2021 is ready to rock their sophomore year!