How are students trying to manage staying in shape during COVID-19?

By Griselda Jimenez ‘20

As of March 16, Pritzker College Prep was closed due to COVID-19 being extremely dangerous. Students have been told to “Stay safe and healthy.” Now the question is how will they manage to stay healthy?

Emmanuel Santoyo, a senior, stated, “I mainly run or go play soccer whenever I have free time and also do other workouts such as pushups or core workouts.”

Some people have decided that not working out is not good, and even though they are not in sports, they work out.

Vanessa Vieyra, a senior, explained what she does in order to keep herself in shape. “Lately I have been working out at home. I would say I mostly like to run on the machine. I would say I run for probably a good hour or more each day.”

Since students have to stay home, some have decided to work, how do they keep themselves healthy and in shape?

Jennifer Gonzalez, a senior, works during the nights. Gonzalez mentions how every morning and night she works out.

Of course, since Gonzalez has a job, she mentioned, “I do spend most of my day laying down. I go to work sometimes in the morning and I get home and stay in bed until I have to leave again to work around 7 p.m., so you can say there’s some moving around.”

Nathan Romero, a senior who goes to North-Grand High School, was planning on getting a gym membership, but since nobody can go out to the gym, his way of staying healthy is making healthier food choices. “I now watch what and when  I eat, it’s led me to make sure I wash my hands before and after I’m done doing what I have to do and I’ve been making sure my room is more tidy and clean.”

For others it is difficult to stay healthy because most of the time themselves being lazy since there is no motivation at home. Adriana Aguilar, a junior who goes to Morton East High School said, “The stay-at-home order is affecting me because I can’t really do much exercise and I find myself eating a bunch of junk food.”

Joanna Bahena, a junior who is on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team, explained how COVID-19 is intervening with her everyday lifestyle. “It’s affecting me because if I want to do a soccer workout, I have to be able to use the outdoors for better skill.”

COVID-19 has affected many and those who are in sports and non-sports have found their own way of staying healthy. Even if it has to be indoor workouts or having to make healthier choices.