Holding Up the Universe: An Unexpected Love Story

Holding Up the Universe

By Analisa Burgos ’18

Do you ever wonder how it feels to be in the shoes of someone judged based off of their appearance? Do you ever wonder how it feels to be in the shoes of someone who is expected to be the “cool guy” but is struggling and doesn’t have anyone to go to? Do you ever wonder how it feels to be in the shoes of someone who falls in love with someone they would never have pictured to?  Holding Up the Universe allows you to experience just that.

This book lets you step into the lives of Libby Strout and Jack Masselin. Libby Strout has been teased her whole life for her weight. She hoped that starting at a new school would allow her to start somewhere fresh. Little did she know, high school was just going to be ten times worse.

Jack Masselin is the popular guy of the school who the girls fawn over and who guys want to be. He isn’t as perfect as he seems. Jack has been struggling mentally and really has no one to go to, so he keeps it to himself. Jack is having problems recognizing the faces of his friends. Jack tries to play it off, but it starts becoming evident.

Libby and Jack are polar opposites, so you would never think that they will get close and soon fall for each other. Libby and Jack both get in trouble and have to spend time during community service. Spending all that time in community service allows them to get closer and see parts of each other no one has seen. This book shows how your world can change when you start to see someone for who they are on the inside rather than what they are on the outside.

This book, in fact, is very interesting! It takes you into the lives of two teenagers and what they go through. It also shows you how two unlikely people to talk, end up falling for each other.

This book may start off slow but once you reach the third chapter it only goes uphill from here! You will not be disappointed!

  • By Jennifer Niven
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  • Romance
  • $10.99