Hi Bye, Mama!: Emotional show that will make you cry

Hi Bye, Mama! is a Netflix Series.

By Stephania Flores ’20

Hi Bye, Mama is a Korean drama (K-drama) available on Netflix. Hi Bye, Mama has a message of valuing every moment in life, a comic touch even with the sorrowful plot, and a different aspect of the afterlife.

Hi Bye, Mama tells the story about Cha Yu-ri, a ghost who is given a second chance at life for 49 days. However, she needs to take her position as a wife and mother before 49 days if not, she will return to a ghost. It is going to be a challenge since Yu-ri’s husband, Jo Gang-Hwa, is now married to Oh Min-Jung.

Although the majority of the drama surrounds Yu-ri’s struggle to her new temporary life without getting attached, we also see other ghosts and their struggles of accepting being reincarnated. 

The scenes that affected me the most and made me cry were where the family members were crying and regretting not valuing each moment they had with their loved ones. I think they never imagined that life would be cut so short. There was a particular scene where we see Yu-ri’s father crying and screaming at her funeral. Even though he was shouting in Korean, I could feel his pain and suffering for the death of his daughter. Now that they have a second chance with Yu-ri, everyone tries to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Even though we are surrounded by sadness, there were moments throughout the show that are funny. I think that by adding some comedy, we are not overwhelmed with sadness and come to a realization of how life is not only full of grief but also filled with happiness. They are moments where Yu-ri and her friends are drinking and having fun, moments where we doubt the capability of Gang-Hwa and his friend of being doctors, and even moments where we see other ghosts being too noisy and them being scared of reincarnation.

In this K-drama, we see the beliefs of some Koreans about the afterlife. One of the main religions in South Korea is Buddism, where they believe in reincarnation. In the first episode, we see how an old man reincarnated into a butterfly but when he tried to get there with his family, he got squash and turned back to a ghost. Being a ghost, in this drama, is a passage between death and reincarnation, but we see ghosts being scared of reincarnation. 

I think the main reason why people might not watch this K-drama is that it is in Korean and subtitles are involved, but this drama teaches how we have to be thankful because you never know if you will be alive the next day. It expresses that you do not know how much someone is worth until they are not there anymore.

P.S. This K-drama might have the chance of becoming the “highest-rated television drama in history” based on the rating views rising each week.

  • Duration: Approx. 1hr
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy television
  • Rate: TV-14
  • New Episode: Weekly
  • Language: Korean
  • Available: Netflix