Hermosa:A hidden gem In the Hermosa neighborhood

Late night Hermosa near Armitage. Photo credit: Julio Garcia

By Julio Garcia ’16


Hermosa is a local restaurant located in the Hermosa community, yeah, that is where Pritzker is located in. Hermosa is a very small restaurant being next to Googoo’s table; however, do not let Hermosa size underestimate what it has to offer for. Hermosa has everything to offer from hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches as well as other sandwiches, and etc.

But, what Hermosa is mostly known for is selling donuts, exotic sweets, and Ice cream. Ranging from donuts such as the “Maple Bacon”, which the name suggested by a donut with bacon on it. Hermosa offers a Red Velvet donut, which just napalms your taste buds.

Of course, if you are not hungry there is something to quench your thirst, Hermosa offers from the most basic of bottled Coca cola, Root Beer, Bottled water, Coffee, and Tea; however if you are feeling a bit more adventurous a Milkshake or Float sounds pretty swell doesn’t it ?

One of the most interesting floats being in particular the “Jarrito float” which as the name suggest is an ice cream float however sports a classic jarrito bottle soda ranging from flavors like Mandarin, Tamarind, Tutti Frutti, Pineapple, and Lime. A very Chicano twist to the classic ice cream float.

When entering the restaurant you are faced with the astonishment as to how small the place is, but very aesthetic in decor. The first thing you will notice on your left corner is the very huge wall frame of classic Marvel comics ranging from Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, X-Men, and Silver Surfer; as well as an vintage non working Coca Cola dispenser, and a Peanuts’ theme going as well.

Sitting there is not awkward, as it is a relaxing quiet environment with music mostly in the Indie rock category such as: Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Cage The Elephant, and The White Stripes,

The decor and music however is nothing without the service, and Hermosa does not lack any service at all. Mr. Jim Long, the cook, cashier, and worker is very passionate, well mannered, and very helpful if you are new he will treat and greet you, as if you have been going there for years already.

Long is always willing to recommend you something or to check and see if everything is ok, and if you are enjoying the food.

Everytime I visit the place, I am never disappointed by the food or service provided by Hermosa.

One review from Yelp mention a person did not find the donuts very excited, and that the milkshake was expensive “Donut was good. Nothing excited[…]milkshake was a little pricey. Disappointed the next day my donuts were hard and stale when I opened the bag”.

I consider the donuts to actually be something deemed “excited” since you can not receive the same good taste without being franchises. I will agree however that the Milkshakes can be a bit pricey, but considering the flavor, and the quality that seems to be placed it is worth the price. Concerning the donuts, typically baked goods that do not contain preservatives do not last very long, and that is natural.

Overall, If you are looking to either grab some grub or fill your sweet tooth look no further than stopping at Hermosa on Armitage. Maybe you can re-live Edward Hopper’s Nighthawk when you are there.

  • 4336 W Armitage
  • (872)802-4920
  • Tuesday- Sunday 10 am to late