Hermosa Restaurant: There’s a new food joint in town

Hermosa Restaurant: There’s a new food joint in town

By Ariana Gomez ’22

Not your typical fast food joint with uniquely inspired Asian food flavors, peaceful settings, and extremely friendly staff. This spot is for anyone who is a big fan of burgers and wants to try new flavors. 

Hermosa restaurant sells a variety of fast food items but they are generally known for their unique sandwich and burger combinations.

The restaurant itself is very peaceful because it is not busy. When you walk in you get a fresh smell of plants surrounding the restaurant.  I really enjoyed the decor. It was unlike any other. They gave it an old-fashion aesthetic to it with an old Marvel superhero comic painted all over one side of the wall as well as an old Coke-a-Cola fridge directly next to the wall. All around the place they have a variety of Archie comics and posters with what seems to also be a variety of Marvel collectable action figures still untouched in their box. 

The food was very unique, which was not something that I expected at all. I got a juicy and flavorful burger with fries, which were just the right amount of crispy. My brother got a Cambodian Fried Chicken Sandwich. This was very delicious. At first, I was questioning whether it would be good, but the flavors that burst in your mouth the second you take a bite from it make Hermosa very much worth the visit. We also got chocolate peanut butter milkshakes, which I loved. This milkshake was just the right amount of creaminess. It was also not too sweet which made me really enjoy it.

Although the setting of the restaurant  is peaceful, during my visit I did have to wait about 25 minutes for my food which was not ideal. There was only one worker so it did take a bit longer then it would with more than one person in the kitchen. The second we walked through the door in the restaurant we were welcomed and he made us feel very comfortable. 

When we were deciding what to order the guy at the register asked us if there was anything worth knowing about our preferences or if we had any allergies that he could accommodate the meal to fit us just right. The service from this place is not something that you see anywhere else. Having people that care about others, especially strangers makes you want to go back. He recommended food items that he likes best along with some good deals so that our price would be lower and a little more affordable. 

“I went in for an avocado smoothie and they had none. My next option was a berry smoothie. It’s a cash only place. There was nothing impressive about the smoothie besides the $6 price tag.”  I would disagree with this because they accept both cash and card. I was able to pay with my debit card and had absolutely no problem.

Although the wait for the food was a little bit long, it was well worth the wait and I most definitely would recommend it to anyone who wants to try new food around the area right after-school.

Additional Info: 

  • 4356 W. Armitage Ave. 60639
  • Tuesday to Saturday 11:30 A.M.to 8 P.M.
  • Phone: 872-802-4920