Hermosa restaurant: A taste of American classics

Hermosa restaurant: A taste of American classics

By Jocelyn Delgado’19

Hermosa is an American style restaurant that has vintage decor, delicious food, and humble service that’ll make you want to eat there for all three meals of the day.

Hermosa is located near Pritzker on Armitage.  Hermosa invites you into their vintage style restaurant, reintroducing you into a variety of               flavors based off of traditional American dishes. The recently opened restaurant not only appeals to adults but to children too.  

Inside of the modern/vintage style restaurant, there is an old style Coca-Cola machine in the corner, in front of a whole wall covered with a comic. The walls are           painted a dark gray with hints of red all around the room. The small restaurant has a long counter where there are drinks as well as donuts on display. In front of the windows there is a counter with red stools for people to sit  and enjoy their food.  

Being a guest at Hermosa, it is definitely a hard choice to pick between different flavors of milkshakes. From cherry,  banana, coconut, and even         the basics, chocolate and vanilla. Each shake is carefully made with a thick base that’ll have you demanding seconds. Hermosa serves mainly burgers; there’s a choice between single, double, and triple burger. Along with the burger, it is topped off with  your choice of lettuce, tomato, their famous onion sauce,       ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and any other topping that you would like. Along with the amazing burger, there also is a side of fries that will have you asking for more. Each fry is coated with an extra crispy coating. Hermosa is a small local restaurant that will definitely be one of your favorites.

Hermosa is an affordable restaurant. Price ranges vary based off of what you decide to order. Milkshakes are priced between five to six dollars.

Some may say that the restaurant is too small and does not have enough people working there, but patience is key. If you want quality food, you have to wait for them to make your food amazing. But no matter the choice you make at Hermosa, you’ll be satisfied with everything you decide to get.

  • Open Tuesday- sunday from 11am to 10pm. Hermosa is closed on mondays.
  • (872) 802-4920
  • 4356 W Armitage Ave