Here’s to Abril Pereznegron!

Abril Pereznegron writing out her work for a math problem as part of math team. PC: Emily Pereznegron(2016-2017)

By Chris Ticas ’20

Oh Senior year! The last year to enjoy your favorite teachers, have lasting memories, and look forward to college. Right? Not for someone. Not for Abril Pereznegron, senior.

The senior goes through her last year as a ranked four student and a Journalism Editor in Chief. She stays on Tuesdays to check in with fellow editors of The Pritzker Press, and goes home to finish the work to maintain her ranked number. Seems like a lot, right? It is.

She explains how she color codes her agenda book in order to remain organized throughout her day. As many freshmen get adjusted to Pritzker, this can really be a game changer because it will help them in their first year and possibly the rest of their high school experience.

As an  Editor in Chief for The Pritzker Press, Pereznegron has to stay after school for her weekly meetings on Tuesdays. She explains her future with Journalism, “it’s one of my top[…] but I can also connect my Journalism experience with Business or Education.”

It is seen that Pereznegron works really hard to stay Top Five of her senior class, number four to be specific. Hard work deserves an award. Pereznegron’s younger sister Emily Pereznegron, freshman, states her feelings about Pereznegron’s hard work, “I think that if she is capable of, you know, having a well rounded life,[…]If she’s capable of working hard she’s encouraging me to do the same.” Pereznegron seems to have a healthy and encouraging relationship with her younger sister as they motivate and learn from each other. “Yes, I am very proud of her, like, in school and outside of school[…] I admire the way that she’s able to receive good grades, and at the same time, keep up the friendships and stay stable with the family,” Pereznegron younger sister stated.

When it comes to finishing off high school, there has to be at least one teacher whom you want to make proud of. Here, in Pereznegron’s words, it is sophomore AP and regulars World History teacher Charles Rosentel. “I think Mr. Rosentel. He was my freshman year Composition teacher and then my AP World History teacher during my sophomore year[…] he was always the one teacher that would push me and push me and push me.” From Pereznegron, Rosentel has been a very influential teacher towards her education.

Even though it is roughly the beginning for her Senior year, Pereznegron looks toward college and beyond that. Now that her high school years are coming to an end, hopefully, she will use them to form her basis for her upcoming years in college. Learning from her sister and motivating her sister is just one way of how Pereznegron will be successful. Hopefully, other students can learn from Pereznegron and strive to reach her level of success with Pritzker.