Headspace: Meditating perfectly

Insight of the app, Headspace. Photo Credit: Andrea Manon

By Andrea Manon ‘19

Meditating is a way you can practice mindfulness and relax in a healthy way. Meditation helps people with stress, it helps them focus, and it helps them with sleep. Headspace is an app that teaches meditation  and mindfulness.

Let’s start!

When you first download it, it asks you for your name, email, and why you downloaded the app in order to help you. It gives you options  to choose on why you downloaded the app

The app then provides you with perfect timing to meditate, but you could change it if you will like to. The app lets the user enjoy the app with a Free Basics pack, which has 10 sessions. During the sessions, the app teaches you the basics of meditation and mindfulness.

What else does it have?

The app contains daily meditation sessions that fits with everyone. For the sessions, you choose how long you want them to be. The app has a variety of sessions that help you with mindfulness, stress, and even sleep. The app not only has meditation for adults or teenagers. It also has meditation for kids. It helps kids practice meditation skills and mindfulness as well. It has sessions for them to go to bed time and for them to calm down in a healthy and peaceful way.

The app also has its own blog called The Orange Dot that has multiple articles with tips on how to be more mindful and healthy. There is no doubt that this app can help you deal with stress and to be more mindful. Headspace has your back when having stress.