Has Society Reached its Breaking Point?

This are some of the items use for these trends. The belt for the choking challenge, the blue whale challenge, cinnamon for the cinnamon challenge, ice and salt challenge and the tide pod challenge.

By Stephania Flores ’20

Have you heard about the Blue Whale Challenge, the Tide Pods Challenge, or any other challenge in the media?

In recent years, social media has been everywhere. It is a place to express your feelings, spread news, rumors, and start new challenges. Most of these challenges are dangerous, such as the Tide Pod Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge, and the Salt and Ice Challenge. These trends can spread positive causes, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, which ended terribly. Now the question is should these challenges continue?

With teenagers spending most of their time on social media, scrolling down in their news feed finding what is new, new hashtags, trends, or challenges are created along the way. These challenges have been so popular that many people started joining in without them knowing that it can lead to a tragedy, such as the Blue Whale Challenge. The Blue Whale Challenge, or the suicide game, is a 50-day challenge that on the 50-day leads you to commit suicide. If someone does not do a particular challenge, they blackmailed them by saying they will kill their family or ruin their reputation. Knowing how crazy it seems, teenagers still join in to watch a suicide challenge. Another currently trending is the Tide Pods Challenge, which requires someone to eat laundry detergent.

This trend has spread out on social media. Andrea Hernandez, a senior, mentioned: “A challenge I have heard in social media is the tide challenge.” People that have access to social media knows the real truth behind these types of challenge and find out about more people doing these types of challenges; however, these people do not know the serious risks of doing challenges like these. In this case, the laundry detergent is poison to the human body. People ignore these warning, and they just go with the flow, especially, if a famous YouTuber, such as Joey Graceffa, Glozell, Roman Atwood, and many others, do these sort of challenges, these videos go viral and go to YouTube trending tabs.

There needs to be an ending point, right? THIS CAN NOT CONTINUE! When doing these trends, people ignore the risks or side effects of these challenges. They just think that these challenges are fun or entertaining. Yahaira Garcia, a freshman, described her thoughts on this. “I find our generation to be easily entertained simply because mostly all challenges are childish.” It is true, most of these challenges people are putting their lives at risk just to be trending or get more views because people want to watch entertaining videos, and they find these challenges fun and entertaining to watch.

But where should people start at to end this? Well, keep this in mind: young kids now have access to their parents’ phone, or they have their own. Through different types of devices, they can access these types of trends without knowing the consequences. They might find these challenges interesting and might want to try it for themselves. What lessons are adults and teenagers telling those kids? Where is this generation and the future generation going to end? Andrea Garcia, a sophomore, said, “There are younger kids out there looking up to us and find these challenges normal.” Agreed, like mentioned before YouTubers have become the “new role models” for this generation and if they do these challenges, kids will also do it.

What do you think, should these types of trends end? Or should these trends continue? “The future is in your hands, the outcome is up to you” Thomas S. Monson.