Halloween at Pritzker

Student Andrea Hernandez with a Six Flags fright fest pamphlet

By Karla Hernandez ’20 and Nayeli Hernandez ’20

Halloween is approaching. Kids are starting to choose and buy their costumes, houses are being decorated, stores have spooky Halloween decorations along with candy on their shelves, and the spooky feeling is everywhere. However, what about when Halloween happens to be on a school day? Does Pritzker celebrate Halloween?

As in previous years, Pritzker does not celebrate Halloween in any type of way. There is no classroom parties,  no dress up day, and certainly no candy since candy is prohibited at school along with any other type of unhealthy sweets.

Even if Pritzker did have a day of celebrating Halloween by dressing up, some students said that they would participate, others said they would not participate, while other students cannot decide whether they would participate in the celebration or not.

If Pritzker were to celebrate Halloween by dressing up, Milton Espino, a freshman, said that he would not participate since he does not like to dress up for Halloween. Espino is not really into those things. “I don’t really like dressing up for Halloween it’s just not my thing,” Espino said.

  On the other hand, Andrea Hernandez, a senior, said, “If Pritzker had celebrated Halloween, I would participate in it because it’s fun and I will get distracted a little instead of thinking a lot about school.” Unlike Espino, Hernandez would have participated in the dress up day for Halloween because she thinks that it would be fun to do since there is not a lot of times that Pritzker makes days without uniform.

Dulce Gutierrez, a sophomore, said she is between a yes and a no in participating if Pritzker had a dress up day. “If Pritzker had a way of celebrating Halloween, I would maybe participate since I like to dress up.” But on the other hand, Gutierrez “wouldn’t because [she does not] see the importance of it.”

When asked their opinion on why Pritzker does not celebrate Halloween, with the exception of that being a hard question, Espino said, “the best answer I can give you is that Pritzker doesn’t celebrate Halloween because they don’t have the Halloween spirit.”

With another point of view, Hernandez said that Pritzker is “a Noble high school that wants to get students focused on the academics and going to college not in other things.” What Hernandez is saying is that Pritzker would rather focus on learning.

Adding on, focusing on what other students at Pritzker think, Gutierrez said Pritzker students have different points of views about Halloween, and that is what makes students feel like an “outcast.” “Most of the time, students have their own opinion on Halloween and also because most of the time their religion forbids them from not believing in Halloween, which sometimes people would feel like an outcast since they don’t participate,” Gutierrez said.

Although Pritzker would not celebrate Halloween, students would not cancel their plans. They will go out and have fun. Hernandez said that this Halloween she “might be going to Six Flags for Fright Fest.” Hernandez said she will also be  “spending time with family.” For previous years, Hernandez said she would “celebrate Halloween by dressing up and going to get candy with [her] cousins.”

Meanwhile, Espino plans to celebrate Halloween by taking his girlfriend “out to get some candy.” Similarly, he would also be spending time with his loved ones, for he said he will “spend some quality time with her.”

On the contrary, Gutierrez will be at home since she does not believe in Halloween because of the way her religion is, but she does like to go out for some candy. Gutierrez said, “This Halloween I will be at home since I wouldn’t go out trick or treating since I don’t believe in it, but I do like to go out for candy.”

Some students at Pritzker would be attending school because they feel like there is no significant reason why they should not attend school. Some have no other option but to go because they are not trying to fall behind for something that is not really being celebrated. On the other hand, none of these three students said they would like to miss school to take a break.

Hernandez said, “I might be in school when it’s Halloween because it’s not really a big thing that people celebrate, so there is not a big reason why not to attend school.” Saying, Halloween is not a huge thing that is being celebrated by everyone and something that kids should not go to school for.

Espino said that he would be at school and that is because he does not have another option. Espino is not trying to fall behind on his studies for something that is not significant. As for missing a day of school can greatly impact your grades. “I will be going to school cause I have no other choice I’m not trying to fail again,” Espino said.

Gutierrez said that she would attend school as well because Halloween is just like any other day.  She also said that there is no reason why she would stay at home on that school day. “I would be at school on Halloween because I don’t have a reason as to why I should stay at home.” Gutierrez said that she feels like “Halloween is just a day and not something to avoid [school for].”

Even though Pritzker does not celebrate Halloween, students seem to agree on the fact that Halloween is not such an important day, and that they should not miss out on their education. But for some students, school will not ruin their plans, and they will go out after school and have fun with the people close to them.