Griffin/Stewart advisory begins the University of Chicago Project

By Ericka Taboada

On Feb. 21 the Griffin/Stewart advisory began working on a project called Undefeated Minds that was meant to help students work on resilience and comes from the University of Chicago.

On Friday, Mar. 6, the advisory had a session on joy and it began by showing appreciation to different people, not just in the advisory. This activity is something that will be done often and is available to advisees any day of the week, not just on Fridays when they work on this project. After this, the advisory got an article focusing on joy and when and why one might feel it, as well as why it’s important. Prior to this activity, the advisory had a gratitude session in which they documented all the things they were grateful for.

The advisees, for the most part, share the idea that this project can be very helpful by allowing them to learn more about themselves. Sophomore Brittany Silva really “enjoyed being able to learn a little bit more about the people around [her].” Silva also thinks that this project will only continue to be fun and beneficial if people become more open to sharing their thoughts and experiences because she hopes to learn more about her advisory sisters and herself. Similarly, Jessica Ruvalcaba, a sophomore, said, “This experience would be a lot better if we had less writing [in] the packets.” Advisees like Ruvalcaba, Silva, and Perla Serrano, another sophomore, believe that although this project can be beneficial to everyone, it takes time away from study halls and being able to ask those around them for help, as well as getting a head start on their homework for the weekend.

Unlike Silva, Ruvalcaba is more focused on self-improvement and using this project to “[help] her with her current life decisions.” 

Serrano seems to find this project a little bit useless and a “waste of time” since she feels like she and a couple of her advisory sisters don’t necessarily benefit from this project since they are already pretty resilient as is.

This project is supposed to help the advisees discover more about themselves as well as become better versions of themselves. Since this project is only worked on Fridays, the advisory has only gotten through 2 sessions in which they learned about what resilience is, what the different symbols throughout the booklet mean, different parts of the brain, and joy.

The Griffin/Stewart advisory has not yet completed the project, as it is a very thick packet with many lessons, but in the future, the advisory is expected to altogether be very resilient and have a stronger bond. The bond will hopefully be a result of the communication happening throughout the sessions.