Graduation coming closer in days

Graduation coming closer in days

By Dulce Zagal ’20

This is the big day for seniors. The day where they get to walk on to the stage with a huge crowd gazing at them. Students and families applauding each other. That is right! You guessed it! It is seniors graduation. Seniors will be graduating this June.

Seniors have feelings towards graduation because it is in a couple of months. One may feel sentimental while the other feels excited.

Amor Delarosa, a senior, expressed, “I feel very excited, but also disappointed because it is still too far away.” She is ready to go to college and leave  Pritzker.

Whitney Jani, a senior, mentioned that she is excited because her hard work during school has paid off. Her years in high school are ending in a couple months.

Both of these students are full of excitement rather than feeling sorrow. They are both experiencing similar feelings towards their accomplishments.

There are many things that seniors are planning to do before they graduate. They are preparing themselves one way or another. Some may prepare themselves similarly or some may prepare themselves differently.

Jani asserted that she is making sure that all expectations that are expected for seniors are all passed such as having no F ’ s, not too many absences, passing fitness testing, etc.

Delarosa stated, “I guess I’m trying to not let senioritis get to me. I try to find a motivation to actually do my homework by looking at my grades and making sure they do not get too low.” Delarosa wants to make sure that her grades are on top of everything. She does not want them to drop.

Both senior students expect their grades to be as high as possible in order for them to graduate.

Graduation is a day to remember, but there are other days to remember too. Throughout the years, seniors experienced so many downfalls and much exciting news.

Delarosa states, “I’d like to remember the day I found out I had been accepted to my top College-Northwestern University.” All her hard work of doing homework late at night and missing those parties that everyone would go to was worth it, said Delarosa.

Jani mentioned that she would like to remember all the exciting memories she had with her friends and all the great times she had with them.

Memories are great to remember for these students. Some memories may include spending time with friends or getting accepted to colleges.

As Zig Ziglar once stated, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” Just like students, hard work leads to getting them into the college they want to go.