Googoo’s table: Fine China

Menu from Googoo's Table Photo credit: Adamaris Reyes

By Adamaris Reyes ’19


Before going to Googoos it seemed almost impossible to find a restaurant that has  a comfortable environment, great service, and flavorful food.  But to my surprise, Googoo’s Table meets all of these elements that I especially  like in a restaurant.

With that being said, Googoo’s table isn’t just any restaurant, it’s actually a restaurant where you grab a seat and comfortably talk to your friend(s) just like you would if you were at home. In addition to enjoying it’s tasty  food  and fast service  that will have you coming back for another great experience.

Eating at Googoo’s was definitely  an     experience, coming in for the first time I was surprised to see  an open clean area inside in the restaurant and a  calm environment. The restaurant had the look and feel of modernness, dark brown hardwood floor, walls painted with a light grey color, and clean smooth tables that matched the color of the floor.  After I was done admiring the first Chinese restaurant that I’ve been to with a fresh modern look, I began to have a conversation with my friend feeling right at home with no distractors.

Once my friend and I had checked the menu, which was filled with delicious food possibilities, our order was taken by a nice waitress without even writing it down and yet was able to bring every single thing we had ordered to our table. And if that didn’t seem to impress you, how about the fact that this waitress was so attentive, it almost seemed like she was reading my mind. Bringing everything to the table before I asked for it, she truly deserved a bonus tip.

When it finally came down to the food I was mind blown. The appetizer and crab rangoon was so crunchy and   warm that each bite that I took was mouth wateringly delicious. It was the perfect size with its golden look and warm creamy filling inside. And it only got better, the shrimp fried rice and orange chicken was well presented and made. Usually, shrimp fried rice tends to be greasy and heavy, but this fried rice was perfect. The rice was served warm and as I ate it the palette of my mouth was not at all  feeling the greasy residue of the rice, rather my tongue kept tasting the fresh chives and soft shrimp  along with the other ingredients that made this dish satisfying. The orange chicken  was also delicious with its light orangy taste and a small crunch in every bite.

Some commented that this restaurant serves cold food and alright tasting  food. But never did I come across a situation like these, in fact, I was so amazed by how this restaurant really demonstrated what a true chinese restaurant is. So whenever you feel in the mood for Chinese food, check out Googoo’s  restaurant and it’s exquisite foods.


  • 4356 W. Armitage Ave.
  • Cost $10- $15
  • Sun- Thur 11a.m – 9 p.m

             Fri- Sat  11a.m – 10 p.m