Good Mythical Morning: A one of a kind Youtube channel

The home menu of Good Mythical Morning Photo Credit: Atziri Tapia

By Atziri Tapia ’19

Tired of seeing the same youtube episodes from a channel? Well, Good Mythical Morning will wake you up with its variety of videos, good sense of humor, and talented people coming into the studio.

Good Mythical Morning, which is a daily talk show, on Youtube, hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Neal, also known as Link. These gentlemen met in the first grade when they both had to stay inside during recess. This is where all the “mythically” started happening through their friendship.

Their channel has over 12 million subscribers, reaching more than 3 billlion views on their content, and they’ve made a total of  12 seasons with 1,250 episodes and counting. The show is based on picking a topic, such as a personal story or news, and then they share their opinions. Slowly, the channel has began to add different series for the millennial interest of teenagers.  

The show consists of different series, such as “Will It”, “Taste Test”, and other fun challenges to play. The series I really enjoyed watching and what I found addicting was the “Will It, Test Taste”, which is about tasting a normal food such as an ice cream, taco, candy, etc, and mixing  it with something unusual. My favorite was when they would make squeamish faces showing their disapproval. Not only were their faces priceless, but their way of commenting throughout the video will make you smile. At the end of every video they spin “The Wheel of Mythicality” whatever the hand lands on not only do  they do it but the viewers also get to participate. This is something that I really like from them because the wheel of mythicality is a way to bond with their viewers.

Mclaughlin and Neal is what makes Good Mythical Morning a comedic show. They tend to joke around a lot throughout their videos about their middle age crisis. Not only that but you can hear the staff in the background having a good time and laughing out loud. It gives it a family feeling when watching their videos. You can see how two good friends are enjoying what they are doing, regardless of the ridiculous things  they sometimes have to do.

Good Mythical Morning has been underrated. Yet, famous actors like Amy Schumer, Bill Haider, Daniel Radcliffe, and Jimmy Fallon have participated in their videos. This youtube channel is definitely a binge worthy show to watch.

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