“Good Girls” Season two: A dramatic yet hilarious season

March 26: "Good Girls (Season 2)" (Nayeli Hernandez) Moment when Rio (top left) talks to Beth (top right) after making her decide to either shot him or her husband (bottom left).

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20

In season one of “Good Girls,” viewers get to know the main characters: Ruby (played by Marietta Sangai Sirleaf), Beth (played by Christina Hendricks), and Annie (played by Mae Whitman). Ending season one with gangstar Rio (played by Manny Montana) forcing Beth to shoot him or to  shoot her husband, who cheated on her. Viewers were left with a cliffhanger, which is where season two begins. Season two adds stronger family and friend bonds, hilarious characters, and a extremely dramatic plot line to the “Good Girls” series.

Season two continues having the strong family and friend bond that season one had. With Ruby, Beth, and Mae being involved in the same crime from season one, and their sisterhood seems stronger than before since they have been through a lot together thus far. And let us not forget about each of the women’s bond with their families.

Additionally, season two has hilarious characters. My favorite character of the season, so far, is Mae. While watching the show, Mae’s character brought a comedic spark in very intense scenes of the first season. And seeing her pop up again with the same personality adds a hilarious intake through her character.

The beginning of season two of “Good Girls” continues playing from the cliffhanger of season one. As previously said, the first season showed Beth, Mae, and Ruby going through the crime. Now heading to season two, the girls, more like gang,  come across the consequences. Season two’s drama adds to the drama of season one, this can be seen even clearer through the cliffhanger.

Some viewers of the “Good Girls” series have mentioned that the series is not as dramatic as it seems due to its funny moments, but, personally, I disagree. I think that the series is quite dramatic and the little funny moments add a spice to the series itself.

  • NBC Network
  • Episodes are about 45-60 minutes long
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama