Golder takes Pritzker down

By Jacqueline Martinez ’20

The Girls’ Rugby played against Golder, which counted as a conference game, at the ITW speer field at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 13.

ITW had many families that attended to support both teams, especially since it was senior night for Golder. Many of the families cheered really loud for individual players and for the teams. 

Both teams started off with their cheer and set up to get the game started. Pritzker kicked the ball toward the girls from Golder. 

Golder was the first to score. Facing the defense of the Lady Jaguars, the player from Golder was unstoppable. Pritzker was really trying to tackle the girl down from the bottom of her feet to prevent her from making a try.

Within the first few minutes, senior Leslie Little was hurt, so both teams took a knee. Leslie was able to get back up and continue the game. As the game continued, Golder was getting  closer in score again. Senior Iyana Lopez was trying to tackle the same girl who had scored the first try, but could not manage to tackle her down. 

At one point, Golder had the ball and was trying to score, but the Lady Jaguars did not give up. Pritzker’s team ran after the girl. While trying to tackle her for the ball, they snatched her wig off. 

A sophomore Marina Frayre mentioned how she was “nervous because this game was really important and in general [she is] always nervous for every game.” A senior Cynthia Mejia explained that she was also nervous before the game because it was going to be a difficult competition for both teams who were pushing to try their best in order to win the Championship.  

Frayre stated, “I would want more communication and to be more organized because those were the main reasons why we lost the game.” Mejia agreed and added, “If I had a chance to play against Golder again, I would communicate and call for the ball [more].” 

Frayre mentioned that she felt the team did not really have a good game overall because everyone can do a lot better. Both themselves and the coaches know what they are capable of, and what happened in that game was not it. They want to show off what they can do in their future games. 

Frayre mentioned how she was proud that the girls kept their heads up most of the game even though it was hard. She mentioned, “I know we were all very angry, but I saw how by second half the girls started to put more effort and did not let the score get to them.” Mejia expressed, “I am actually not proud of how we played against Golder because we did not score. Our team is stronger than what was done during the game and we are able to win Championships if we communicate with each other.”

Golder took the win against Pritzker College Prep leaving the final score as 70-0.