Golden Tour: An experience only one can dream of

Romeo Santos on stage singing a song from Aventura. PC: Betzaida Alamo

By Diana Gomez ’19

Latin singer Romeo Santos brought his successful tour, Golden Tour, to Rosemont’s Allstate Arena on Oct. 16. I was counting down the days for his concert, and when the day finally came, the long, anticipated wait was well worth it. The concert consisted of an adrenalized environment, a mix of both new and old songs, and exciting communication between the audience and Santos.

Upon entering the arena, I could tell the energized aura would stay throughout the concert. Almost immediately after being seated, a DJ came out to warm up the crowd. Although the arena was nowhere near filled, everyone excitedly sang and danced along to the music the DJ played. Once Santos came on stage, the energy in the arena only intensified as the now filled up arena all sang out the lyrics to Santos’ songs. Since everyone was singing and dancing along, it was easy to feel comfortable enough to sing along, making the concert amusing.

Although the concert included a decent amount of songs from Santos’ recent album, Golden, Santos also incorporated throwback songs from Aventura, which is a group that Santos was in prior to becoming a solo artist. I especially loved this considering I was a fan of Santos since he was in Aventura. Moreover, Santos sang both slow songs as well as upbeat ones. This was a perfect balance as it made sure that the concert was not only slow songs but also songs the crowd could dance to.

Another entertaining aspect of the concert was seeing Santos communicate with the audience. Throughout the concert, Santos would encourage each side of the arena to scream as loud as they could to see which side was the loudest. Additionally, for Santos’ song Bella y Sensual, Santos allowed two men to go up the stage to sing along with him. It was entertaining and refreshing to see Santos so involved with his fans. This involvement with the audience only created more excitement within the audience, and it made the overall concert a memorable experience.

Although Santos knows how to keep the show lively, I did not like how long it took for Santos to come on stage. After the DJ had left, I think there was still a long, tedious wait for Santos to come on stage.

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