Global Glimpse: traveling experience for juniors

By Andrea Fajardo ’21

At Pritzker College Prep, the first Global Glimpse meeting for juniors was held in the cafeteria on Wednesday  from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The meeting was conducted by sophomore Geometry teacher, Chris Biddix; Physical Education teacher, Andrew Wetmore; and Recruitment teacher, Karla Espinoza.

As the meeting started, teachers began with a slideshow presenting what the program is all about, what juniors learn from it, and having experiences out of Chicago. The conductors had current seniors who went last year present some of their experiences in powerpoints. As juniors get more knowledge, they know what is expected of them and the participation that should be given. The program at Pritzker is giving juniors a chance to meet people who not only speak Spanish and English but could teach them their language as to their cultures and how their daily lives are.

As the meeting goes into detail about what they talked about, getting the view of junior, David Geronimo, “One of the Global Glimpse team members talked about how the trip will be, the cost for trip, and any other expenses.”. Global Glimpse member, Jamelyn Lederhouse, was trying to persuade the juniors to take this chance and also had played trivia games and made sure the seniors experience was in detail.

It was important to have current seniors share their experience in order to help the juniors prepare for such tremendous opportunities they were given. The first meeting had information handed out about the estimate cost for everything, what Global Glimpse is all about, and the time period juniors will spend in the countries assigned: Ecuador, Dominican Republic or Panama. There was also contact information in regards to the team if there were any further questions needed.

Senior Lori Godinez shared her experience, “In Ecuador, I taught Spanish speaking students English and I learned about their indigenous culture and got to experience myself.” This shows that Godinez learned so much about herself, and the help she gave to children was a special and kind gesture.

Even though traveling can have its conflicts, it can have pleasing result, as Godinez said, “Going on a plane without my parents was very frightening but it also made me more independent.” It can be difficult since students are not used to not seeing their parents for a period of time or different conditions and adjustments to make. Nevertheless, the opportunity could be once in lifetime in high school. This chance should be taken as Godinez added  “such excitement gets better when the days get closer and closer.” Global Glimpse’s first meeting is just the beginning for so much better and ability to learn about one self. Take advice from Godinez to the juniors, “I would advise them to try everything! Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and take a camera!”