Global Glimpse excites nominated students

Picture of Global Glimpse website.

By Cristian Gutierrez ’21

Some juniors were nominated for a trip that can potentially change their lives. Both junior Gregorio Chavez and junior Carlos Espinoza were nominated for Global Glimpse and cannot wait to apply. Global Glimpse is a non-profit organization, which gives high school students the opportunity to travel to different countries for a more affordable price.

Both Chavez and Espinoza have different reasons on why they would like to attend Global Glimpse. Chavez stated, “I personally like the idea of learning more about other countries that you otherwise wouldn’t.” Chavez added that it was “interesting hearing the stories” from previous Global Glimpse attendees. In addition, Chavez explained that he was also interested in the activities that students will take part in during the program, such as working with locals and teaching them English. Espinoza mentioned, “The traveling aspect of the program appealed to me because I don’t travel to other countries often.” Espinoza explained that he was surprised by the fact that students “work with local people.” In addition, Espinoza stated that “teaching English to the local people sounds fun but challenging at the same time. 

Not all students that apply for the Global Glimpse program will be accepted. In the application, students are required to write an essay explaining why they should be chosen. Espinoza and Chavez have different reasons for being chosen for the program. Chavez explained that opportunities like these are rare as he stated, “I would like to go because I really don’t travel a lot.” Chavez added that he would also like to travel in order to “learn more about other people and their cultures.” Similarly, Espinoza mentioned that he wanted to travel to a “new country.” Espinoza added that he would be able to learn new things and interact with local people if selected. When asked about the fact that cell phones aren’t allowed during the trip, Chavez and Espinoza had mixed emotions. Chavez explained that it would be “difficult but not impossible.” On the other hand, Espinoza didn’t seem to really mind as he stated, “Phones are just distractions and not having them lets you explore the world around you.” Both Chavez and Espinoza would like to go but must wait to see.

Students that are selected for the program obtain scholarships depending on their families’ income. Scholarships make the trip more affordable for families. The students that are selected go through multiple activities before the trip in order to get prepared. Nonetheless, Global Glimpse may turn out to be an enjoyable opportunity.