Glam club equals glam power

Club members watch video related to skin care, explaining what causes acne.

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

When you think of Glam club, what comes to mind? Is it makeup brushes, lipsticks, or black liquid eyeliners? Whatever it is, Glam club is more than just learning how to put makeup on and looking good. It’s about taking risks in this new art form and feeling brave enough to develop new  makeup skills and show it to people all around you, even if you might not be an expert in makeup.

Fernando Orihuela, a senior and the creator of Glam club, stated the same thing when he mentioned that this club, “Is somewhere where people can go and feel comfortable doing their makeup, and learning and improving their  skills in makeup.”  Orihuela essentially stated that it doesn’t really matter if you know how to do your makeup or not because that’s why Glam club was created! Now, normally when you think about makeup it seems like it’s ONLY used and mastered by girls, right? Wrong! Orihuela, although a male, has proven that idea false as he mentioned, “I know I have a deep passion for [makeup], it’s something I would be interested to work in.”  It’s little things like these that make this club feel more safe because of  the fact that anyone can join this club…even guys.

But how does Glam club work? Well, the club itself has just begun to take session, so there isn’t really a lot of action yet. However, Orihuela did state that “presentations are usually made” and during these presentations Orihuela would, “[…] do a review on a product or show how makeup is done, how IT should be done, and how the final product should look.” He also mentioned how YouTube videos are used in the club and for the most part Orihuela chooses the most adequate videos to present to the club. Even when this seems like a simple task, it actually requires Orihuela to be cautious and aware of what the videos say or do. “I have to go through it and make sure there is no foul language, no cursing.”  Now, let’s just say that maybe someone really wants to watch a specific makeup video instead of a presentation, the club members voices are definitely heard as Orihuela mentioned, “Other times [..] it’s also put up for vote whether they want to watch a video or see a presentation.” When it comes to supplies though, Orihuela said that the makeup supplies are not provided, but the club members “are encouraged to bring their own makeup.” But let’s assume that someone doesn’t own any makeup supplies, that’s okay! Orihula mentioned that for those who don’t have supplies he would “pair up with them and let them use my makeup so that they can practice on themselves.”  Again, little things like these make a club more comfortable and unique.

And it’s also not just a club that feels welcoming but the environment of it is very relaxing. For the majority of the time, the club members watch a YouTube video and learn a thing or two about how to do a  night time skincare routine. The other small portion of the club included friends laughing with friends  and just chatting like normal teenagers do.  Kiara Mancilla, a sophomore, mentioned how this club is “very interesting” since they get to watch new videos every day. Even when the club just started Mancilla feels confident that  “the more that we  go into the year with Glam club, we can actually learn more.”

So if you’re someone who is debating about joining this club for next year, try it out! Don’t be afraid of a new experience. And if you put the excuse that you just simply don’t know anything about makeup here’s what Orihuela has to say to you, “[…] go for the risk, because no one’s ever born with knowing something…ask questions, be interested in it and go to the club. You’ll meet other people and talk to other people, just take that risk.” So stop by at Glam club in the near future, and be ready to have a beautiful experience with different people and makeup itself.