Gissele Pacheco: “Feminist Superhero”

Gissele Pacheco, right after receiving her Maroon Conference Debater of the year award. PC: Mr. Rosentel

By Stephanie Solis ’20

On Saturday, March 30, Pritzker competed in the City Championship, where junior, first-year debater who earned considerable honor, Gissele Pacheco was named Maroon Conference Debater of the year.

When Pacheco was asked if she expected such a high prize, she said, “I honestly never thought I would get such a high prize especially because debating can be extremely competitive at times. Also because this was my first year competing in the City Championship.”

Some of the challenges Pacheco has faced in order to win the Maroon Conference Debater, “Some challenges I had was to not let my opponents get the best of me, making sure to almost never miss a debate practice, and actually listen to what others have to say.”

Additionally, Pacheco mentioned that she never does a debate to only win; she always makes sure to have fun, as well. She said that yes it felt good when she won the round, but she also made sure to learn something new after every round.

Pacheco mentioned, “I feel extremely accomplished because this year we argued [about] whether or not the United States federal government substantially reduce restrictions on legal immigration. Right off the bat, I had a very strong opinion about this.”

Pacheco said that when it comes to debating a person does not get to choose what side you’re arguing for. Pacheco said that this topic really made her stay alert on what is happening in our society, especially in the political field.

When Pacheco was receiving her award she said, “I remember when the awards were being presented and the lady was reading what the coach wrote about the student. My heart dropped when she read ‘she is our feminist superhero’ because I remembered Rosentel’s email calling me a ‘feminist superhero’ the day after our second-day tournament.”

Pacheco stated that Charles Rosentel and Rachel Brick, both are Debate Coaches, definitely helped her overcome obstacles. For example, when Pacheco and Stephanie (Fany) Resendiz, a junior, were going against two boys who believed were going to win simply because they were going against girls, but her coaches were there for them to get over the problem. Pacheco said that the boys’ energy made her determined to win the round.

Pacheco remembers being bothered by the boys, and Brick gave her a speech on how well Pacheco did by not letting those guys affect her in a negative way. Rosentel was so proud of Pacheco not getting intimidated by the boys. In the end, Pacheco and her partner ended up winning the round.

On Saturday, April 27th, Pritzker will host the second annual Noble Debate Championship.