Girls’ Volleyball team season recap

Girls’ Volleyball team season recap

By Anabel Arevalo ’21

The Girls’ Volleyball team has a strong bond. The team has individually grown into people that many are proud to know. They have played about 11 games and the girls have said that every game has been played with their all.

The team was moved into the Blue League. As Monserrat Leon, Senior varsity player, said: “We gave it our all to earn that spot.” Senior Varsity player Felicity Castillo stated, “The Blue League gave the team a new start. Last [season] our volleyball team really struggled [with] communication. Our team did not trust each other.” “My team needed a fresh start,” Castillo said.

Last year, the team was in the Gold League. They played “very good and hard teams” and lost most of their games. Angelina Serna, a sophomore on the Varsity team, stated, “Being in the Blue League and being undefeated feels good because it is a way to show that we were able to bounce back.” “The team is like an orchestra, everyone has an important part to play. Without one person, the team would not be complete,” said Castillo.

Seniors have strong feelings about this year being their last year playing. “This being my last year makes me feel as if I fell into despair. Volleyball has been my emotional outlet. I’ve grown with my teammates and shared a special bond,” explained Castillo. The volleyball team becoming a family with new and old players makes it even harder for the seniors to say goodbye. “The [volleyball team] is like another family [to me] and it makes me so sad that in a few months I’m going to leave them,” Leon stated.

On the volleyball team, there are some new team players. The new girls, according to returning players, have had their struggles but they have grown throughout the season. “For the new girls, I think [since] it is a new environment, they would get nervous when they would play,” said Castillo. The girls would be told that being committed to the sport was going to be tough but as the season went by they would get the hang of it. As freshman Diana stated, “I did not have good time management. I wouldn’t have time to do my homework, eat or go to bed early. But I did figure out a schedule that helped me this season.”

Besides all of the struggles that the girls had to overcome, they did have memorable games. “My favorite game would be our senior night. Even though we lost that game, we played our hearts out and the support that we got that day was amazing. Definitely, a night to remember,” explained Leon. “Our first game of the season [which was] our first conference game will always be my favorite game. The feeling of getting an after a nightmare season is so relieving,” explained Castillo.