Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team defeats Butler College Prep

By Anna Cortina ’20

The Pritzker Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team played against Butler College Prep in the Pritzker gym on Sept. 23. The game began at around 6:30 p.m. and ended at nearly 7:25 p.m.

Before the actual game began, both teams had one side of the gym to do their warm-ups. The Butler Girls’ Varsity team practiced setting, different passes, and techniques. Butler’s coach would practice with them while their manager would retrieve the volleyball. Lady Jaguars practiced passing, calling the ball, and serving. Once the time was up for the warm-ups, each team had a team huddle. Lady Jaguars did their usual cheer before getting into their positions. 

The game was a total of two sets. The Lady Jaguars was able to win both sets against Butler College Prep. 

The first set seemed to start out in favor of Pritzker. Butler began by setting the volleyball. When trying to score a point, the volleyball would be called out or the point would be given to the Pritzker Jaguars because of a fault committed by Butler. During the first set of the game, this incident occurred multiple times, which gave the Lady Jaguars various points.

The beginning of this game was very intense for Pritzker and Butler College Prep. 

Dulce Zagal, a Senior, stated “I think the game overall was great because we were able to secure another win in the Noble Conference and still remain undefeated.”

Although for the most part, the Pritzker Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team seemed to have an advantage, there were times where Butler seemed to be catching up to them. Since this game was in the Pritzker Gym, the bleachers were somewhat full of Pritzker students supporting the Pritzker team. The crowd and Chris Biddix, Varsity Volleyball Coach and Assistant Dean of Culture,  would cheer for the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team.

The Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team was able to win both sets.  In the end, the team was proud of their victory against Butler College Prep. Monserrat Leon, a senior, stated, “I  think that one thing that my team did good was keeping that good energy.” Zagal also agreed when she said, “I think the whole team did well because we all did our best to keep the win against Butler and our team always kept a great attitude and stayed positive.” The first set ended with a score of 22 to 10. The second set ended with a score of 25 to 10. 

Overall, this game seemed was very intense, but the Pritzker Lady Jaguars managed to keep up their hard work and effort till the end and take the victory for both sets.