Girls’ Varsity Soccer defeats Noble Street

The Varsity Girls Soccer Team at Humbolt Park ready to face the Noble Street Soccer Team. PC: Felipe Landa

By Griselda Jimenez ‘20

The Girls’ Varsity Soccer took the win 12-0 against Noble Street in favor of our jaguars, on March 12 at Humboldt Park. The girls confronted Noble Street with a clean game.

With great weather, the girls were able to take the win in their first game of the season. At 5:30 p.m., they started the game on the right foot. The girls were told before the game what their positions were, which prepared them for the win they were about to take.

The first goal was scored by Esmeralda Quijano, a junior, who felt exhilarated: “It was the beginning of the season, and I felt proud of my teammates because without the teamwork, I possibly would not have scored the first goal.” Quijano had been helped by her teammates and with that one score being made, there was a possibility that they would take the dub home.

Citlaly Leyva, a sophomore, scored half of the goals, giving the team hope that they would win. Leyva constantly works hard for her to feel good about how the team and her played. “The outcome came in our favor, the team played very well,” stated Leyva.

Scoring seven during the second half caused the ref to cut the time to 30 minutes instead of having 45 minutes so that there is no time being wasted.

Quijano explained, “I didn’t have much of a surprise because it was our first game.”

Denise Jimenez, a junior, got in the field, and as soon as she did, she started running, trying to adjust to the field. Jimenez stated, “I felt kind of disappointed in the way that I played. I just wasn’t used to the field.” Jimenez plays in indoor fields, and when she got back into Humboldt parks field, it had felt different.

All three girls had different feelings when it came to their first game, but they knew that they would take the win to the house of jaguars.

When it comes to improving for the next game, the girls recommended that some drills needed to be more focused on  during practice.

Leyva stated, “There’s always room for improvement, obviously, but we do have a target on our backs since we have a champion streak, so it makes us work harder.”

Quijano stated, “I feel like I can improve more on trying to run at a faster pace to get the ball.”

As Quijano plays, she recognizes that running is one of her weaknesses and needs to improve that when practicing.

On the other hand, Jimenez feels the need to focus more on two other drills. “Definitely could work on the centers and opening up the field more,” expressed Jimenez

The girls took a win!

Will the girls have another win against Bulls College Prep? Go support the girls on Apr. 4 at Humboldt park at 5:30 p.m.