Girls Varsity Basketball vs ITW

Girls Varsity Basketball vs ITW

By Alexis Tellez ‘18

On Jan. 26, the Pritzker girls’ varsity basketball team went on a match against ITW Speer Varsity girls basketball team. As the match began, the Pritzker girls had the advantage of  starting off the game with the ball. It wasn’t long before Speer took their first shot and scored at minute 5:38 of the first period. The Pritzker girls did what they could as a team and at minute 1:11, they managed to come back and score. The first period came to an end with a score of six points for Pritzker and eight points for ITW.

As the second period started there were many instances where the Pritzker side complained to the refs due to the marked incorrect fouls. Jackie Puente, junior and current player for Pritzker girls basketball team, stated, “We could’ve won if it wasn’t for the refs. They kept calling fouls on us and hardly to ITW”. Even with the unfair marked fouls against them, they still kept positive mindset and played on.

Natasha Perez, junior and current player for Pritzker basketball team, said “ The game went good, we did everything we could as a team with a couple flaws in the game”. The second period went better for the Pritzker side as it ended with a tied score of fourteen to fourteen.

The ITW girls gave a good match against Pritzker girls as they kept their score ahead with three or more points. The players from ITW that took the spotlight were numbers 14 and 34. They were making plays happen and making most of the shots. On the other hand, the players that took the spotlight from the Pritzker side were Nanette Perez and Keyla Romero as they were the ones that were making plays happen and taking shots and adding points for Pritzker.

In the end Pritzker girls took defeat against ITW with a score of 30 to 41. Even with a defeat the girls went on positive and looking to get wins for the rest of the season and want to win the championship sinces they have been working really hard as said by Perez. Even Ron Burns, coach of girls basketball team, still stood very positive and competitive as he mentioned, “ The goal every year is beat Bulls and win a championship.”

It’s not just having amazing skills at basketball to be part of the team, but it also takes communication as Perez stated, “Being part of the team is really fun. We communicate very well and it helps us build friendships and the coaches are great and trustworthy to us.” The team is still well motivated and wants to go on to the next games. Not only that but they want to continue to win games and move on to finals and win the championship for Pritzker.