Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team Takes the Win in a Competitive Game

#3 Junior, Iyana Lopez running with the ball and preparing to take a shot.

By Perla Flores ’19

Lady Jaguars took the win with a final score of 37 to 29 against Golder College Prep on Wednesday in the Pritzker gym. The game was a very intense one. Golder’s crowd was loud and proud, but ours was too.

Play by Play

The whistle blew and the game began. The Lady Jaguars started off the game on a good note shooting the first basket, a three pointer. At times, the ladies Jaguars would win and lose the ball. One can tell the Lady Jaguars are struggling to keep the ball but they push making rebounds and taking all the shots they can. The Lady Jaguars end the first quarter with a lead of 7 to 6.

After a short break, the whistle blows again and the second quarter begins. Soon, Golder gains the lead and dominates the game. They have the advantage and it is visible their putting all their effort to catch up. Half way through second quarter Golder takes the lead 8-7 and ends the quarter with a 11-10 advantage.

Half Time

The Pritzker cheer squad comes out during half time to give us a short performance. They pump up the mood dancing to Ariana Grande’s song “No Tears Left to Cry.” The audience gets excited for the second half of the game and the third quarter begins.

The ladies got on the court and began third quarter. Junior Iyana Lopez scored the most points throughout the whole game. Halfway through the third quarter, Lopez suffered a minor injury, “I sprained my ankle, which happens often to me,” Lopez stated. Although Lopez had a minor injury, she managed to get up and come back to the game a few minutes after. Quarter three ended with the Lady Jaguars losing 21 to 23.

Last Quarter

This is the moment. The final quarter and everyone is rooting for their preferred team. The cheer squad cheers for the Lady Jaguars chanting “Let’s go, Jaguars, let’s go!” Lady jaguars still losing during fourth. The people going crazy with excitement and the pressure was in the air. Lopez ties up the game 28 to 28 with a three pointer shot. Lady Jaguars take the lead 26 to 23 with a shot by senior Keyla Romero with one minute left on the clock and close the game with a 37 to 29 win.

Final Words

Although this was a tough game Lopez explained, “We were all a little slow and tired in the beginning, especially me because I’m sick, but towards the end, we hustled a lot and we were able to make a great comeback.” A few mistakes were definitely made in this game but they managed to pull through. In agreement, Romero explained, “If we fixed up our small mistakes and did what we had to do, we would have definitely won that game from the start.”

This was visibly a hard game for the ladies. They struggled in several aspects including boxing out and making rebounds. Regardless, as a team they pushed and gave their best effort and it was well paid in the end.