Girls’ Soccer Tryouts

By Jahson Galvan ’20

The Pritzker Girls’ Soccer tryouts were from Feb. 24 through Feb. 26. There were tryouts either in the afternoon or early in the morning. Many girls showed up and were ready to try out for the girls’ team.

On the first day of tryouts, it was mainly passing the ball and getting in some workouts to help the girls to start to condition for the team. 

Diana Lagunas, a freshman trying out for the team for the first time, said, “The first day of tryouts wasn’t so bad, but it was some intense work, and I am glad I got to know some of my teammates’ names if I do make the team. Also, I think that these workouts are intense to help us get ready for the season.” 

On the second day of tryouts, there were less girls than the first day of tryouts. This tryout was in the morning around 6 a.m. This time, the tryouts seem to focus on cardio and being able to move with the ball around cones. There were also some shooting drills involved and communication drills so that the girls got more involved with each other and formed some partnerships with one another. There was another drill involving ladders which allowed the girls to show off how fast their foot movement was and how they can accelerate after doing them. The girls finished the second day of tryouts with some suicides. 

Citlali Sanchez, a junior and returning player, said, “On the second day of tryouts, I felt prepared and ready for what the season is going to be like. The second day always, for me, is the most difficult to get through only because I am sore from the first day, and I know that it’s mainly exercising on the second tryouts.” 

On the third and final day of tryouts, the girls were going to start off by doing some hip exercise and some core workouts. After those workouts, they moved on to making small teams and starting small scrimmages. This is the time for the girls to finally show what skills they would bring to the team and for the coaches to see them first hand. The teams were picked by the coaches. They were paired according to who the coaches believe would work best with each other. Each scrimmage was about 3 to 5 minutes long depending on how many goals were made in each game.

Corayma Vilchis, a senior and returning player for her fourth and final year, said, “On the last day of tryouts, I felt excited and ready to show the coaches what I am bringing this season. Also, as a returning player, I know we usually do scrimmages on the last day of tryouts, which was another reason I was excited to see some of the skills from players trying out for the first time.”