Girls soccer get ready ahead of soccer season

The soccer team poses for a funny picture during conditioning Not pictured: Coach Espinoza PC: Amanda Meyes

By Antonio Lopez ’17

Usually before the start of a sports season, conditioning is what helps athletes get in shape. But what comes before conditioning? Preconditioning.

Amanda Meyers, freshman composition teacher, started preconditioning in mid January with some of the soccer girls from last year, as well with a few girls who will be trying out for the first time. As of now, it is all about working out and getting in shape. It’s all about cardio and gaining stamina. It includes, sprints, suicides, and the so hated “monsters”.

Of course there’ll always be some complains after intense workouts, but it’s all worth it at the end, as Liliana Ramirez, junior, explains, “I think this will only prepare us more towards the season. I didn’t know “preconditioning” was actually a thing, but it counts. I’m actually enjoying these intense workouts” Ramirez isn’t the only one who thinks preconditioning is helpful, Stephanie Sevilla, junior, also had her opinion, “I definitely think preconditioning is preparing us in the condition aspect. We’ll have time to work on soccer skills later on, but for right now we’re focused on getting in shape. One step at a time”

It hasn’t only been the girls who have been working out, soccer managers from last year’s season and aspiring managers have also joined them in the workouts. Roberto Leon, senior, is one of the managers from last year that has been participating in preconditioning and explains that from his point of view, he sees the girls one step ahead from the other teams. “Our preparation has been intense, but very helpful and we will see the results once the season starts” Leon truly believes the intense workouts will not be done for nothing, and it will have an effect once the season starts.

Pritzker girls’ varsity soccer team will be looking for another championship this year. Last year they made it all the way to sectional finals. One of the toughest teams will be Bulls College Prep, who they have faced in the finals the past years. Tryouts will start sometimes between the end of March and April.