Girls’ Rugby faces Speer to start off their season

By Skylah Martinez ’21

The Girls’ Rugby team faced ITW in their first game of the season on Thursday Sept. 5. The game took place on the ITW field at 6:30 p.m. 

ITW started off strong while fear on Pritzker’s defense was very noticeable. The girls were not tackling for the ball which led to ITW making several tries, which are similar to touchdowns in football, in the first half. Pritzker was at nothing for the whole first half of the game while ITW continued to score.

As the second half started, you could see Pritzker’s shift in the energy they were giving towards the game. More of the girls were going for tackles and really focusing on bringing that ball to their side.

Sophomore, Marina Frayre, is playing her first season of rugby. She scored the first try for Pritzker in the second half, and excitement filled the crowd. As they were setting up for the kick, teammates congratulated Frayre for making the first try of the game. This sparked more energy on the field and interaction amongst players started to show. When asked how she felt about making the try, Frayre expressed, “It felt good because I’ve been putting in the work at practices and as well it felt good because it lifted some people’s heads up during the game.” Frayre also mentioned, “I feel that we’re only going to get better [as a team.] We may have lost, but that doesn’t define [how] the rest of the season is going to look for us. I feel that we all learned what we have to do as an individual. [Also,] I feel proud of everyone because most of our team is new this year and everyone tried to do their best.”

When ITW was close to scoring another try, America Calvario, a junior who is also playing her first season of rugby, kicked the ball out of the crowd of players and chased after it. Once she had the ball in hand she ran for the goal area. She made it and scored the second try of the game. Again, the crowd roared and Calvario received her praise from her teammates. When asked how she felt about making the try, Calvario stated, “When I made my first try, I was kind of impressed, but not really. I had the mindset of scoring really bad, and I actually did. I even impressed the ref which is pretty cool, but I think we’re going to be a pretty solid team  this season.”

Shortly after, senior Leslie Little got ahold of the ball and started running to score a try until the ref blew the whistle calling a foul for pulling. This clearly upset Little, for she threw the ball at the ground. Little expressed, “I was mad he blew the whistle after I put all my energy into going for that try. At that point of the game I was already exhausted.” Her try would have been the third one of the game. She also included, “Even though many new girls were kind of nervous, I feel really proud of them all because many put in a lot of effort to understand the game. I feel like that is something to recognize, especially for the new girls.”

Senior Tiana Jackson, also team captain, is proud of the team despite them losing 53 – 10. This loss will not break the team’s spirit or pride, they will only get stronger. She is glad they played ITW for their first game, for she finds the loss as a “learning experience.”