Girls’ JV Soccer Team against Speer: Championship

By Gerardo Arellano ‘16 Samir Rios ‘17

On May 7, the Pritzker Girls’ JV soccer team went against ITW Speer Academy. On this bright, windy day, Pritzker was playing for the championship at IIT Stuart Field. The first half of the game was 3-0 and by the second half was 4-1 making JV Pritzker soccer team get the second place of this season, which was a great run.  
   Going against a team that doesn’t have a Varsity team , which meant that all the soccer players on ITW team including the varsity players are on the JV team, was pretty hard for the Pritzker ladies to go against in their championship game, but that did not intimidate the JV ladies as they gave their entire best in the game. They kept their heads up and didn’t fight for the ball and trying to get to the lead that unfortunately couldn’t achieve.  

The support of the fans also was a big factor in the game for there was a lot of energy on the sidelines cheering for the team to keep on playing and it went on until last minute of the game where there was disappointment but still proudness for the JV Jaguars for making it far for some were unexpecting. After the game, “they could have done better. They lost a lot of opportunities and they could’ve worked on communication, but at least they got this far” said Benny Delgado a junior at Pritzker.
Andrea Ascencio a soccer player and a sophomore  at Pritzker stated “ this was some hard work, but I’m proud that we made it this far to second place.” At least for the soccer team they were satisfied that they got second place.