Getting to know more about Jennifer Felix

Photo of Jennifer Felix. Photo taken by Maria Hernandez

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20

Senior year. The last year of students’ high school days. The year where students do not get as much homework as in freshman year. But although seniors do not get to hear the word “homework” as much, they do hear “college”, reminding them of what is to come. Still, memories are always with everyone, let us take a closer look at a senior’s Pritzker memories.

Jennifer Felix, a senior, remembers her favorite Pritzker memories “with [her] friends, teachers, or the funny memories that happen in class.” Moreover, when describing Felix, Maria Hernandez, a senior, said, “[Felix] is a brilliant and funny friend. She is supportive and sweet with everyone.” Hernandez and Felix have known each other for two years now, they are also advisory sisters. Felix would also be laughing or making someone else laugh at school. “She is a funny person,” said Hernandez, as if thinking about something Felix has said/done. Hernandez can always rely on Felix as a friend. “She is a person that I’m able to tell everything to, and she won’t judge me for who I am,” said Hernandez.

As a senior, Felix is nervous about many things, being in her last semester of high school. “What I’m worried about my senior year is that second semester is going to be more stressful with all the college process work and other school-related work,” said Felix.

On the other hand, Felix will not forget what she has been through at Pritzker. “My journey at Pritzker these past four years has been a fast ride. Educationally, it was a roller coaster because some years were my ups and some were my downs,” said Felix,  “I’ve met some amazing students and teachers, I’ve learned a lot since my first day in here, and I’ve created many unforgettable memories with friends, teachers, and staff members.”

When focusing on the education side of Felix, Hernandez had lots to say about that. “[Felix] may sometimes get off task in school, but she always does her work and knows when it is time to stop and get serious,” said Hernandez, “if she struggles with anything, she does not hesitate to ask me, her peers, or her teacher.” Hernandez added that “[Felix] is always in a good mood and feels confident to learn a new topic.”

For clubs, Felix is in Core and Cardio, on Mondays. “This year, I’m in Core and Cardio again because it challenges me, shows how much I can do in working out, helps me improve my strength, and I learn new workout techniques,” said Felix, “I workout hard to feel the burn and wake up the next morning feeling very sore. That’s the best feeling.”

When looking at the future, Felix already has an image of where she will be, as she said,  “I see myself in a better and successful life. I see myself becoming the person who I want to become: someone in life, working the career that I want, and taking more life risks or opportunities. I also see my career affecting people in a good healthy way.”