Getting to know Cindy Renteria

Cindy Renteria (right) with one of her friends (left) in their MCJROTC uniform. Picture taken by Cindy Renteria

By Nayeli Hernandez ’20

There are hundreds of students at Pritzker College Prep. Each student is rushing to their locker or rushing to class. There is no time to stop and actually have a conversation between periods as much as we want to, and if we do, it is always with the same people. But the school is so small, it is like we know everyone in the school, or at least how they look. Let us take a closer look at someone that might be seen around Pritzker.

Senior Cindy Renteria arrived to Pritzker in the year 2014  from Northwest Middle School.

In her freshman year, Renteria chose to be in the MCJROTC elective. “I wanted to loose some pounds, and I was also so motivated on how organized and well structured Gunny is with his Drill Team members. I was motivated by the upper class cadets,” said Renteria. Apart from the Drill Team, Renteria is also in Glam club and Fit club.

When talking about her journey throughout Pritzker these past years, Renteria said, “Pritzker has helped me develop my thinking skills in a positive way.” At first, Renteria did not want to attend Pritzker. “I honestly didn’t want to stay at Pritzker my freshman year, but throughout the years, I feel like Pritzker has helped me a lot, specifically with the way their education is set up,” said Renteria.

Senior Jenny Felix has been a friend of Renteria for about two to three years now. Felix stated, “[Renteria] is a cool nice person and things can get goofy sometimes […] as an individual, she’s smart, funny, helpful and someone who likes to learn.”

It took some time for Renteria to realize Pritzker’s potential. “I now see why Pritzker is good for me. Not only did they help me with my college application, but they also helped me be a strong,  independent woman,” stated Renteria. “Towards school,” said Felix, “Renteria is a focused student who likes to learn and help others in their learning as well.”

Being a senior, it is almost the end of Renteria’s high school year.  “Yes! It’s almost the end of senior year,” Renteria said both enthusiastically and nervously, “although I am nervous to slack off on my education, and nervous about being manipulated by bad influences.”

Additionally, like any other senior at Pritzker, Renteria is also nervous about passing her classes for the last semester of the year. But not just her classes, having her 70 community service hours and completing her 2.0 enrichment credit too.

When looking ahead to the future, Renteria can see herself helping many other people. “What I see myself doing in the future is becoming a psychiatrist, I see myself helping the ones in need,” said Renteria. Renteria also sees herself owning a house on her own, “living off [her] hard work.”