Get to know our Senior Presidential Candidates!

Tiana Jackson:

It is that time of the year where the students of Pritzker College Prep vote for their next student body president. Out of the three main candidates from the Senior class, Tiana Jackson, Senior,  is one to look out for. Jackson was the student body president for her Junior class last year and has the experience of what it takes to be president. 

“I am a woman of action,” Jackson said. Throughout her presidency during her Junior year, Jackson was able to have contributed in the making of the  many student activities at Pritzker. For example, Jackson was one of the main people to advocate for Black out February. Jackson stated that the purpose of Black out February was to “celebrate and honor the sacrifices that prominent African-Americans have made in the past to ensure our futures.” Also, Jackson was the one to help create the stress relief week leading up to the Junior’s SAT by having their parents write a letter to their students and hand out little pieces of candy for good luck. 

Not only Jackson creates new activities for the school, but she is also involved in many school activities. For example, Jackson is the captain for the Girls’ Rugby team. Leslie Little, a Senior and apart of the team, said that Jackson “always makes sure that we are focused and helps others who are confused about what they are doing.” Little also emphasizes on the fact how “inclusive” Jackson is by always talking to someone new during practice and helping other girls get out of their comfort zone. 

On top of everything, Jackson considers herself to be different from the other candidates because she “is a woman of action”. For example, Jackson is one of the founders for Pritzker’s Step team. Damary Rodriguez, Senior and the other founder for Pritzker’s Step team, said, “Tiana and I both wanted to start the Step team because Pritzker did not have a team and I knew that there was a lot of students who wanted to participate in it”. Rodriguez mentioned how Jackson has a “drive to get what she wants” and “does not give up when things get too hard”. 

On top of being a founder of the Step team and the captain for Girls’ Rugby, Jackson also excels in her academics and is apart of the International Baccalaureate at her school. Arianna Valentin, IB Senior, mentions how Jackson always “helps her in class”. 

At the end of this election, there can only be one Senior Student Body President. With her many experiences of showing leadership and her involvement in various clubs, Tiana Jackson is one to look out for. According to both Little and Valentin, Jackson is a “visionary leader” and will help in any way that she can to improve student life at Pritzker.

Senior Presidential candidate Tiana Jackson.

Joseph Martinez:

A new year at Pritzker College Prep what does that mean? It means another student body presidential election and out of the six presidential candidates let’s narrow the wide selection of candidates to OUR potential new student body president, Joseph Martinez. 

Joseph Martinez is a senior who wants the people, students of Pritzker, to rely on him and push his fellow peers towards success. As shown in his speech where Martinez states that “I am someone that will always be there for [his] fellow classmates with concerns.” From the sound of it, Martinez will prioritize others needs before his own to satisfy the people.

Why is the next question the voters should be asking.  Out of all the candidates what makes Martinez so special. Well according to Martinez there isn’t anything special about him he is just an ordinary guy. However, he is an ordinary guy with a passion to improve his community.  Martinez goes further on to explain that even though he may not be in IB like the other candidates he believes he can still be successful. The reason for that is because Martinez believes that he’s more connected to his peers meaning that he understands his peer’s needs. While IB students lack the connections that he has due to the fact that they are with the same group of people for two years causing a lack of connections.

Who’s heard of a good hero without a good motive or back story. Martinez’s motivation is the community around him. Martinez’s goal in mind is to “get more involved in the community.” Going back to Martinez’s speech, he mentioned that he is someone “who holds no problems with people.” Martinez plans on improving his community by getting to know the concerns of his peers by using rhetorical methods then responding with changes if possible with the title Martinez may or may not get.

Martinez’s strong belief in communism makes his speech even more credible. Seeing as he doesn’t want to just solve your concerns but OUR concerns. Furthermore, not to just solve your problems but rather OUR.

Maria Ramirez:

With the senior class presidentental election around the corner, Maria Ramirez is one to consider. Ramirez has experience in a leadership role by being one of the co-captains for the Debate team. Due to her participation in debate team, Ramirez gain the qualities of what it takes to be a leader by having communication skills, organization skills, and working well with others. 

Ramirez considers herself to be “committed and confident in her abilities for being the next student body president.” Emily Pereznegron, senior and candidate for the vice president, said that Maria is “very open to others ideas and willing to work with others to improve the dynamic of the Pritzker community.” Pereznegron mentions how Ramirez is always advocating to help better the lives at Pritzker. A way Ramirez has done this is by being apart of the student body council. 

To add on to Ramirez’s leadership experience, Ramirez also excels in her academics. Ramirez is apart of the International Baccalaureate course in her school. Noel Candelaria, a senior IB student, mentions how Ramirez “helps me during class.” 

At the end of the election, there can only be one senior  class president and Maria is one to look out for.

Senior Presidential candidate Maria Ramirez (left) and Senior Vice Presidential candidate Emily Pereznegron (right).