Get a Glimpse of Life with Kylie Jenner

Screenshot of Life of Kylie cover.

By Chloee Toro ’18

If you thought Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a handful, wait until you throw yourself in Kylie’s life. Kylie’s new series, “Life of Kylie,” is all about relating to everybody else, talking about her struggles and how she overcomes them, and showing off her cosmetics while caring about her fans.

Although Kylie is famous and always has been, that does not mean she does not struggle like everybody else. Kylie was homeschooled and never got to go to prom. In her first episode, she wanted to go to prom with a boy who she found out was bullied. Kylie talks about how she knows how the boy felt because when she was younger she was an outcast. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kendall were all about modeling while Kylie just wanted to be a regular teenager.

Everybody has their own struggles whether they are famous or not. Kylie is able to prove this point throughout her series. She talks with her bestfriend, Jordyn Woods, a plus size model, about how she can barely go anywhere without cameras in her face and people surrounding her. Kylie even mentions that she fears airports. The reason behind this is because she just wants to walk around freely but with a million fans running toward her she feels required to put on a face.

A major thing in Kylie’s life would be her cosmetics. She loves her makeup and even started her own brand, which she talks about all the time. Her makeup makes her feel good about herself and some girls may connect with that part of Kylie. In an episodes, Kylie had found out that somebody was selling a fake version of her product. The product was being made with glue and girls lips were getting infected. Kylie was quick to put a stop to this because not only did it affect her cosmetic line but it was hurting her fans who she cares about a lot.

Why it might not be good: So far, Life of Kylie has been given a rating of 3.7/10. Reality t.v is always the same. People go up and try to show off what they have to the world. Kylie has no real story behind her show. Viewers have not yet gotten to learn anything new about her three weeks into her show.

I recommend that you check out one of her episodes and go from there. Yes, it may be your typical reality t.v show but it is definitely worth watching.


  • Release date: August 6, 2017
  • Streams on E!
  • Genre: Reality television