“Gentefied”: A struggling family trying to do better

By Laura Ocampo ’20

“Gentefied” is a Netflix original series that incorporates the meaning of family while raising awareness to issues like underpaid labor and gentrification in Los Angeles

The series is centered around Pop, played by Joaquin Cosio, as he and his family struggle to keep his restaurant, Mama Fina’s, in a LA neighborhood. Pop’s is struggling with rent due to it being raised by the landlord, who is now trying to evict them. This all brings up the problem of gentrification in their neighborhood.

Throughout the series, we see how conservative Pop is as he is not open to “renovate” the restaurant in order to bring in more customers. His three grandchildren try to do their best to save the restaurant. The series shows how this family has sticks together even through the hard times. They try to work together to save the restaurant. 

Like mentioned, the series also illuminates the issue of underpaid labor. The episode “Women’s Work” focuses only on this situation and is able to bring up important leaders like Cesar Chavez, an activist who fought for better pay and working conditions for farmworkers. This series is able to bring up more than one social problem that’s happening around the world, which overall brings more awareness to what is happening in the real world.

The major social issue that is brought up is gentrification, which is part of the title. Pop is at risk of losing his restaurant and also at risk of losing his neighborhood. This show is able to show that gentrification is affecting Pop’s family as they struggle to get enough money to pay rent. It also shows how the people in the neighborhood begin to protest to keep those who have more money out. This show is able to incorporate how those who have more money are able to do what they want. This can show the audience that gentrification is a problem that is affecting the poor.

Some people complained that there are many unresolved subplots. I do admit that the last episode did leave me wondering because there are still many problems that the grandchildren are facing. But this will most likely lead to the second season, which has not been announced, yet.

  • Release Date: Feb. 21
  • Genre: Comedy and Drama 
  • No. of Episodes: 10